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Internationally Recognised CompEx Certification Qualification

CompEx Certification is an internationally recognised course and qualification in explosive atmospheres.
It provides competency based assessment for personnel working in hazardous locations. Our courses consist of training and formal, practical and/or theoretical assessment. CompEx competency validation is most relevant and essential to people who are involved in the design, selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of equipment.

Over 60,000 CompEx Core Competence Certificates have been issued to delegates world-wide making CompEx the World’s most widely accepted hazardous area competence qualification. ExVeritas is a licenced CompEx Training Centre (licence number 32, 32a in Ireland and 32b in Malta) and also an ATEX Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body. We have over 200 years Ex experience within our company including specialist instructors in many areas such as area classification, explosion risk assesment or intrinsic safety, this means we can answer all of your questions, all of the time.

Who Can Gain a CompEx Certification?

CompEx is applicable to anyone with responsibilities related to potentially explosive environments including:

Most courses (with the exception of the CompEx Foundation Module Ex F) require the delegates to fill in an application and meet a minimum entry requirement. please contact us for full details on eligibility.

Why CompEx Certification at ExVeritas?

The only training ExVeritas do is Hazardous Area Training – We are accredited experts in this field and as such have the leading instructors and facilities to ensure you will receive the very best instruction and assessment available anywhere.

Technical Excellence

ExVeritas has more certified CompEx Instructors and Assessors than any other CompEx Training Center in the world. Our training team have over 150 years collective experience and because they are our staff (not contractors) they are always available and always fully up to date with the latest technical knowledge (as we are also a Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body)

We are practitioners in Explosive Atmospheres installation, inspection and certification. We are an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body- We have well over 200 years experience in this field at our training centre and our four specialist CompEx instructors (we don’t bring in outside contractors to teach our courses, we only use our own staff who are industry experts and active practitioners with over 20 years experience each). In addition to presenting CompEx courses, we are on CompEx best practice working groups and help with the development of CompEx courses. We have real world experience in design, installation  and inspection, in fact we have even written inspection software ( and work with major blue chip companies providing area classification and inspection services. We are also members of L6/TC31 and active on many of the committee’s that ‘write’ the Standards such as 60079-14.


We have a comfortable air-conditioned lecture room with HD projectors and audio and up-to-date practical facilities mirroring the requirements of the latest editions of the Standards. We offer hot and/or cold food at lunchtimes and complimentary hot drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi throughout your visit. Where possible, we can also demonstrate testing at our ATEX and IECEx UKAS Accredited test laboratory which is on site.

Why CompEx Certification?

CompEx is an internationally recognised qualification and is a prerequisite qualification for many plants and projects world-wide. (Please visit the CompEx scheme site for more details on the scheme which is UKAS accredited). CompEx are the largest recognised Ex training scheme worldwide, having issued over sixty thousand  CompEx certificates.

An increasing numbers of sites and projects required CompEx qualified staff for design. management and installation, particularly if you are working on other companies sites. If you only require training for your own site or to build your own custom equipment, other specialist courses may address your needs. Call ExVeritas for free, impartial advise on the type of training that would most benefit you or your organisation.

2019 & 2020 dates and Costs for CompEx Certification

CompEx Foundation Course

This course is part of the national scheme for the training and certification of core competence of personnel who work on equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.  Our course not only covers the core CompEx unit qualifications (covering subjects like ATEX, DSEAR and general hazardous locations theory). More…

2019 Course dates:  16th & 17th December.

2020 Course dates: 14th – 15th January, 1st – 2nd April, 30th June – 1st July and 2nd – 3rd November

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a 2-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £399 +VAT

CompEx Foundation Plus Course

Our course not only covers the core CompEx unit qualifications (covering subjects like ATEX, DSEAR and general hazardous locations theory) but adds basic Ex installation practice, installation training and a simple ‘skills’ assessment by installing real Ex equipment and glands with our portable installation rigs and is an ideal primer for people considering taking EX01-06.

2019 Course dates: 16th – 18th December

2020 Course dates: 14th – 16th January, 1st – 3rd April, 1st June – 2nd July, 2nd – 4th November

CompEx Ex01-04 Inspection & Installation Course

The Ex01-Ex04 is designed for personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new ‘Ex’ equipment and, who perform preventive maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment.  The CompEx Ex01-Ex04 Certificate of Core Competence is based on practical assessment and a written theory exam taken over 2 days. It is preceded with a 3 day course with practical demonstrations and hands on-training. More…

2019 Course dates: 7th – 11th October and 9th – 13th December.

2020 Course dates: 20th – 24th January, 2nd – 6th March, 20th – 24th April, 1st – 5th June, 24th – 28th August, 5th – 9th October, 30th November – 4th December.

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a full 5-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £975 +VAT

CompEx Dust Ex05 & Ex06 Course

The Ex05-Ex06 is designed for underpinning knowledge and practical assessment of personnel who undertake the physical installation and assembly of new ‘Ex’ equipment and, who perform preventive maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment in dust potentially explosive atmospheres. More…

2019 Course dates:  11th – 13th November.

2020 Course dates: 28th – 30th January, 7th – 9th April, 4th – 6th August, 17th – 19th November.

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a full 3-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £700 +VAT

CompEx Refresher Course

CompEx EX01-04 Certification is only valid for five years from issue. To re-validate your certification for another five years, you must undertake the CompEx Refresher. More…

2020 Course dates: 17th – 19th March, 20th – 22nd October.

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a full 2-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £675 +VAT

CompEx Ex11 Mechanical Competence Certification course

ATEX (DSEAR) requires users to identify all possible ignition includes non-electrical (mechanical) items of equipment. The safety measures for non-electrical equipment used in hazardous areas not only include the design (and possible certification) of equipment but also the aspects required for safe selection, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair. More…

2019 Course dates: 21st – 23rd October and 2nd – 4th December.

2020 Course dates: 11th – 13th February, 28th – 30th april, 23rd – 25th June, 8th – 10th September, 24th – 26th November.

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a full 3-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £700 +VAT

CompEx Design Ex12 Course

Design Engineers Core Competence Certification

The CompEx Ex12 course is aimed Engineers at graduate or equivalent level with a design or specification function covers the application design and selection of electrical equipment, along with the requirements of IEC 60079-14. The course fully addresses the designer’s requirements to the new 2014 Installation and Inspection Standards. More…

2019 Course dates:  23rd – 27th Sept and 18th – 22nd November.

2020 Course dates: 3rd – 7th February, 11th – 15th May, 6th – 10th July, 14th – 18th September, 7th – 11th December.

Course Cost & Booking: The Course is a 5-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £1750 +VAT

CompEx Ex14 Responsible Person

Internationally Recognised Certificate of Core Competence

The course has been designed specifically for people who have the responsibility for scheduling inspections, determining inspection frequencies and types of inspection, checking inspection team competence, reviewing inspection results and taking appropriate actions based on the inspection results. More…

2019 Course dates: 30th Sept – 3rd October and 25th – 28th November.

2020 Course dates: 25th – 27th February, 19th – 21st May, 1st – 3rd September, 15th – 17th December.

Course Cost & Booking: The CompEx Ex14 Course is a full 4-day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it costs £1600 +VAT

Open Specialist Courses (non-CompEx)

Intrinsic Safety for Product Designers

Circuit design (to component and circuit board level) with design exercises and practical examples and exercises, with free intrinsic safety analysis software.

2020 Course dates: 23rd – 24th March and 21st – 22nd September

Cost: £1,200. + VAT

Intrinsic Safety for Systems Designers

System design with barriers, apparatus and simple apparatus, installation and creation of DSD’s, with free intrinsic safety DSD software.

2020 Course dates: 16th – 18th June

Cost: £1,800. + VAT

Non Electrical for Designers

Covering the design, test and assessment requirements for ‘Ex h’ Certification under ATEX and IECEx, with free Ex h mechanical design software.

2020 Course dates: 6th – 7th May, 10th – 11th November.

Cost: £1,250. + VAT

Site Explosion Safety Implementation

Covering ATEX137/DSEAR, Consequence Analysis (for EPL), Area Classification, Ignition Risk Assessment and Reduction

2020 Course dates: 26th – 28th May.

Cost: £1,800. + VAT