Ex Assemblies and Non-Electrical Course

Ex Assemblies and Non-Electrical Equipment

How to design assemblies and non-electrical equipment for ATEX and IECEx Certification.

An assembly is a collection of certified equipment that is combined to make a rig or skid or item of equipment with a new or unique function. Normally the electrical equipment is either certified or simple apparatus and in many cases the main electrical parts will also be certified (Ex h) leaving a relatively simple assessment on uncertified parts or components (such as bearings). Often the ‘assembly’ is now also required to be certified by end users, for example as an ATEX Unit Verification or an IECEx Assembly Certificate. As ExVeritas issue such certificates, they have  created a unique tw0-day training course that specifically addresses the skills required to build competence for non-electrical and assembly risk assessment and certification to ISO 80079-36 and 37 (Ex h) and IEC/ISO(TR) 60079-46 (Assemblies)

As of January 1st 2020 all IECEx Assembly Certification must be to IEC TS 60079-46 which covers both electrical a and non-electrical ignition hazards.

This is a technical course, not an overview. It is aimed at designers or project engineers responsible for design compliance or certification of non-electrical equipment or assemblies.

The Presenter has 20 years’ experience in this field and has a vast wealth of equipment related examples to draw from. He is a current practitioner in non-electrical and assembly certification so you can be assured that the content is relevant and applied with a practical bias. ExVeritas is an ATEX Notified Body for non-electrical certification and an IECEx Certification Body for non-electrical certification to ‘Ex h’ and Assemblies to 60079-46.

Free software is also provided to all delegates to assist with some of the calculations required for non-electrical approval.

ATEX and IECEx Assemblies and Non-Electrical Course Content

  • Overview of Explosive Atmosphere and coding systems (Foundation Level)
  • Relationship with IEC60079-14 (electrical parts) and the Initial Detailed Inspection
  • Certification Requirements for ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and assemblies
  • Using 60079-46 to verify Assembles
  • ATEX and IECEx for Assemblies including advanced marking such as ‘1/2/-/(1)’  etc.
  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and identifying ignition hazards
  • ISO/EN 80079-36 & ISO/EN 80079-37 in detail
  • Defining and quantifying failure likelihood and failure examples
  • Performing ignition risk assessments (worked examples)
  • Understanding Construction Safety (Preventative Maintenance and special instructions)
  • Using control of ignition sources (SIL and safety systems)
  • Documentation, Reports, Technical Files and Certificates.
  • Quality System Requirements (ATEX and IECEx) for equipment manufacture and unit verification.

Cost: £UK: £1350+VAT; USA: $1,800 USD per person, includes lunch & refreshments.  (open, limited to 10 people) or quoted per company

2021 Course Dates

Wrexham, UK:   5th- 6th October

ExVeritas has a vast experience of mechanical risk assessment, failure mode analysis, SIL and safety systems and mechanical engineering safety. We have provided such services to some of the largest global oil tool and assembly manufacturers over the last 20 years, and provide UKAS accredited ATEX Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body for electrical and non-electrical certification.

ExVeritas uses an electronic cloud-based e-learning system called ‘Learn Ex,’ once registered candidates can have immediate access to course notes which are updated electronically.  Simply visit https://www.exveritas.com/learnex-online/ for further details about the benefits of LearnEx.