Ex Certification for Product Manufacturers

Ex Certification trainingEx Certification for Product Manufacturers


Gain and manage UKCA, ATEX, IECEx and NEC Certification faster and more cost effectively

This 2 day Ex  Certification Training course is ideal for Engineers or Managers (often in the Responsible Person’ Role) who wish to start designing and certifying  ‘Ex’ equipment or brush up on their knowledge of this complicated subject. Covering the latest editions of the Standards and new EPLs such as ‘ec’, ‘db’ and ic the course will help manufacturers understand the process of certification and their role within that process. Making the correct application, selecting the correct design standards, samples and drawings are all covered in this comprehensive 2 day course.

Why use us for Ex Certification training?

Ex Certification training will teach you how to design and document effectively, get certification faster and achieve more ‘flexible’ certification globally.

As an ATEX/IECEx test laboratory and ATEX Certification Body, we can also demonstrate our verification methods, a unique feature of this course.

What are the benefits of this training?

People who have attended this training will be able to obtain faster certification as they will have a far better understanding of the process and be able to avoid problems. Attendees will also potentially be able to achieve more flexible certification with less need for future costly variations. ExVeritas uses an electronic cloud-based e-learning system called ‘Learn Ex,’ once registered candidates can have immediate access to course notes which are updated electronically.  Simply visit https://www.exveritas.com/learnex-online/ for further details about the benefits of LearnEx.

Course Content

  • Explosion Properties and Terminology required for Ex Certification
  • Ex Certification and Certification Schemes (ATEX, IECEx, NEC500 & 505)
  • Quality Requirements for Ex Certification (QAR, QAN, FUS) for post certification manufacture
  • The role of the ‘Responsible Person’ under QAN/QARs
  • Review of Ignition Assessment used with Ex Certification
  • Using Standards (including Ex s) for Compliance
  • Making an application for Certification (scope)
  • Understanding mandatory constructional requirements and test requirements
  • Introduction to general requirements for all Ex equipment (60079-0)
  • Determining what Protection Concept(s) to use
  • Preparing ‘worst case’ test samples for certification
  • Preparing ‘the technical dossier’  for certification (including instructions and other necessary documents)
  • Preparing Drawings (by concept) included schedule and related drawings
  • The certificate, letter of intent, variations and concessions.

Where possible the course will also include a tour of the test laboratory and/or demonstrations of some of the testing.

Note- If you intend to design intrinsically safe circuits then this course will not have the required depth of explanation and we would recommend Advanced Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design from an ATEX/UKCA and IECEx Body (exveritas.com)

2022 Course Dates

Wrexham, UK:  By arrangement, please contact us.

Course Cost

UK: £950+VAT; USA: $1,300 USD per person, includes notes, lunch & refreshments. (open dates or quoted per company)


Each delegate will receive a Certificate and full course notes. Booking can be taken by completing the on line forms below.

Please contact us if your require further details or a bespoke version of this course.