The Functional Safety Foundation Course

The Functional Safety Foundation (FSF) Course

The Functional Safety Foundation (FSF) course introduces the concept of Functional Safety (FS) and its relationship to the safe operation of equipment.

Functional Safety is an integral part of achieving safe operation in the use of control systems. This theory only course is suitable for both technical and non-technical personnel who require a basic understanding of Functional Safety. Based on IEC 61511, this course provides grounding knowledge of Functional Safety terminology, concepts, and standards to facilitate understanding.

Practical examples of how to meet specific requirements to minimise risk are provided to demonstrate how they may relate to organisations. The Functional Safety Foundation course will help personnel and organisations to achieve safe operations, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver results.

Key Learning Objectives

Candidates that successfully complete the Functional Safety Foundation qualification will possess an understanding of the following key topics:

  • International Standards
  • Lifecycle considerations
  • Operation and maintenance management
  • Assessments and audits
  • Standards variations
  • Installation, commissioning, and validation requirements of the SIFs
  • Operation and maintenance requirements of the SIFs
  • Start-up and shutdown requirements
  • Overrides and inhibits
  • Proof testing, test types, coverage and results
  • Procedures, evaluation and identifying issues
  • Decommissioning


This course is ideal for personnel wishing to gain a basic understanding of Functional Safety. Personnel who may benefit from this course include operators, maintenance technicians, supervisors, process engineers, engineering focused asset engineers and plant managers.

It is relevant to any personnel from many industries such as oil and gas, chemical or power generation plants through to manufacturing facilities that have low hazard processes e.g., effluent handling facilities.

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.


2 days, exam at the end of day 2.


£480 + VAT

Includes, coffee, tea, snacks and buffet dinner for 2 days. Also Includes pre and post learning for 5 years.


Theory only, no practical elements. Multiple-choice examination, 30 questions in 45 minutes


Candidates who are successful in the Functional Safety Foundation assessment will receive a CompEx Functional Safety Foundation Certificate