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ExVeritas ApS provides Certification, Inspection and Training Services to Scandinavian and main land European markets. As part of the ExVeritas Group, ExVeritas ApS can offer ATEX Notified Body services in Denmark through the UK Notified Body, and soon directly through our own Notification.

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Danish ATEX Notified Body and DANAK Accredited Certification



ExVeritas ApS has been audited by DANAK for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065 and for ‘ATEX Notified Body’ status in Denmark. Customers will soon be able to apply directly to ExVeritas ApS in English or Danish for ATEX Notified Body Certification including ATEX QAN Audits and ATEX EU Type Examination Certification. ExVeritas ApS will be a separate Notified Entity to ExVeritas in the UK and will have its own EU Notified Body number and listing on NANDO.

ExVeritas ApS will certify Electrical equipment for use in explosive atmosphere according to Danish Order No 289/2016 (ATEX 2014/34/EU) for electrical equipment and Non electrical equipment for use in explosive atmosphere according to Danish Order No 1305/2015 (ATEX 2014/34/EU) as specified below:

For more information on DANAK’s international recognised accreditation, please click here.

Services currently offered through ExVeritas Limited (UK)

Through our cloud based Certification Management  System (CMS) ExVeritas ApS can seamlessly manage and conduct work leading to many other form of certication, with certication offices in the UK, Singapore and North America, we can offer ‘turnkey’ global approval through the ExVeritas Group.

• Direct access to ExVeritas Limited (UK) ATEX Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body Certification Hazardous Area Certification with test and assessment normally conducted by local staff even at short notice.
• Fast ‘Field Certification’ delivered locally for ATEX and IECEx Certification. Local auditors for ATEX QAN, IECEx QAR and ISO9001:2015
• ATEX and Ex Design Consultancy for products and installations – ExVeritas ApS is backed by a global team of experts with over 300 years collective experience.
• CE Marking Certification (electrical, EMC and Machinery with local EMC test equipment for emissions)
• Quality Audits including ATEX QAN and IECEx QAR Certification and Unit Verification (by Inspection)
• Fully accredited and internationally accepted UKAS (ILAC) ISO 9001:2015 certification
• Hazardous Area classification, Ex installation, inspection and risk assessment from fully certified CompEx staff (EX01-06, EX11, EX12 and EX14)
• IECEx non-electrical equipment, ‘skids and assemblies’ certification specialist. We have certified most types of oil tool and accessories for some of the world’s biggest companies
• Local open and bespoke training including internationally recognised and fully accredited CompEx Certification for People. EXF (Foundation), Ex F+ (Foundation+ with an introduction to installation), EX12 (for designers) and EX14 (for site/inspection managers) can be delivered locally together with the full range of Unique ExVeritas Designer Level Courses.

For FAST local help in English or Danish contact

Peter T. Lauritzen
Phone: +45 7734 4638
Mobil +45 4223 1509
E-mail: p.lauritzen@exveritas.com

Address: ExVeritas ApS, Tækkemandsvej 1, 4300 Holbæk, Danmark