What is CMS?

CMS- Certification Management System

Manage your certication online 24/7/365 from quotes to certificate issue


CMS was created by ExVeritas to provide a project and certification management system for our clients. In addition, the system ensures compliance with accreditation and statutory requirements, minimising the possibility for errors whilst increasing the visibility of the certification process. In addition to ExVeritas administration, 2 user levels of access are permitted:

Client Log in: Clients of ExVeritas can log in to request quotes, track current quotes and projects and view reports and certificates. Clients can also request certificate concessions and variations on line.

Certificate Database Access. You may create an account and log in to see our certification database. You can search by certificate number to get certificate status for product, quality and training competence certification.

Example Client Available Actions:

  • Complete or approve application forms and quote requests.
  • Track quote status and accept or decline quotes on line.
  • View current project status, add tracked comments to project and upload tracked documents.
  • Raise project change requests on-line to change the scope of the project whilst it is live.
  • View certificates and request certificate concessions and variations to certificates on-line.
  • Be informed of Quality Audit dates or track outstanding actions/non-compliances.
  • Upload and Lodge Technical Files online
  • Fast Access (priority contact form) to ExVeritas Technical Staff

The ‘Application Form’ is used as the contract review and the ‘Project Initiation Document’ (PID) and is therefore is one of the most critical documents for the project’s success.

No certification quote should ever be issued without an application to define the scope, or the quote you receive may be misleading and inaccurate.

ExVeritas have devised a system that makes collecting the required and critical quoting information simple, that information is then always reviewed to ensure what we deliver as a quote is accurate and deliverable based on our equipment and lead times.