Ex14 Responsible Person

Ex14 Responsible Person

Internationally Recognised CompEx EX14 Certificate of Core Competence in ‘Ex’ Asset and Site Management

The CompEx EX14 module aims to assist Responsible Persons meet their legal obligations with regard to maintaining an asset register and implementing a practical approach to the inspection and maintenance of equipment in explosive atmospheres utilising IEC 60079 Parts 14 & 17 and offering the basis of best practice in this regard.

Download our information guide to ‘Being an Ex Responsible Person’ here

Who should attend the Ex14 Course?

The ExVeritas CompEx Ex14 course has been designed specifically for people who have the responsibility for scheduling inspections, determining inspection frequencies and types of inspection, checking inspection team competence, reviewing inspection results and taking appropriate actions based on the inspection results. People who would like to understand the role or wish to move in to the management or analysis of inspections would also benefit from this course. ExVeritas uses an electronic cloud-based e-learning system called ‘Learn Ex,’ once registered candidates can have immediate access to course notes which are updated electronically.  Simply visit https://www.exveritas.com/learnex-online/ for further details about the benefits of LearnEx.

Ex14 Responsible Person Course Syllabusanalysis-300x137

  • Overview of Explosive Atmospheres- explosions and case studies
  • Terminology explanations (ATEX Marking etc.)
  • Area Classification for Inspection Engineers
  • Management tools and methodologies for Inspection Management
    • Assessing Competence
    • Risk Assessment
    • Auditing
    • Calibration and Safety Devices (trips and test intervals)
  • Explosion Protection Levels (categories and EPL) & Protection Concepts
  • Ex Inspection requirements
  • Determining inspection frequency and type (IEC60079-17)
  • Ex Inspection covering  visual, close and detailed inspections for all concepts
  • Analysing and acting on Ex Inspection data (including EI Guidance on Managing Ex Inspection)
    • Environmental factors
    • Understanding Risk based approaches
    • Assigning fault codes and actions
    • Appropriate Maintenance and feedback to the ‘system’
  • Example Ex Database Management (Analysis, Schedule and Remedial)

The ExVeritas EX14 Course also has seven unique  ‘homework’ assignments and practice exams to ensure that all delegates are properly prepared for all of the final qualification examinations.

Examinations for EX14

  • Pre-Assessment test (multi choice)
  • Part 1 – technical (multi choice – open book)
  • Part 2 – scenario / case study (data analysis – closed book)

We have a comfortable air-conditioned lecture room with HD projectors and audio and up-to-date practical facilities mirroring the requirements of the latest editions of the Standards. 

Ex14 Course Lecturers

The Lecturers who present the Ex14 course will have significant practical  experience in this field and employ a vast depth of knowledge in this area including working in industry fulfilling the role of a Responsible Person enabling a full understanding of the role and responsibilities. Their combined experience also includes many years teaching CompEx courses and participating in CompEx working groups.

2023 Course Dates

  • Wrexham, UK; 20th – 23rd February, 5th – 8th June, 23rd – 26th October.

Course Cost & Booking

CompEx  Ex14 is a 4 day course with lunch and refreshments provided, it cost*: UK: £1600+VAT; USA: $2,200 USD and can be booked on credit card or via a company purchase order. *From 1st April 2019, Compex have introduced the CompEx ID card as mandatory for Modules Ex01-Ex06, Ex11, Ex12, Ex14. In line with CompEx fee terms £25.00 is charged in addition to the course cost for the CompEx ID Card. Bookings can be taken by completing the on-line form below. compex