Our Experience

It’s all about ‘Ex’ Experience

ExVeritas is one of only around a dozen companies in the world that can issue UKCA, ATEX and IECEx Certificate

The ExVeritas Group is the leading certification body and technical service provider in explosive atmosphere safety. The group includes a UKCA Government Approved Body an ATEX Notified Body, an IECEx Certification Body and an IECEx Testing Laboratory with full UKAS Accreditation.  We also operate four Licenced CompEx Training Centres and deliver UKAS ISO9001 Quality System Certification and other QMS system certifications.

The ExVeritas Group gives you direct access to knowledge, experience and expertise of some of the world’s leading experts in IECEx, ATEX, NEC500/505 and DSEAR. We are always directly contactable. Our senior engineers are amongst the most experienced hazardous area engineers in this field, there is very little we have not done within the field of explosion protection.

If we do not have direct applicable experience, we probably know the best person to help you. We can also provide North American listing directly from our in-house test laboratories in the UK or from our North American test facility. 

ExVeritas technical staff are active members of TC31 (UK’s Explosive Atmospheres Technical Committee), EXL/031 (BSI, various Standards committees for hazardous areas), EXL/23 (Explosion and Fire precautions) and all relevant UL Standards Technical Panels for North America. In addition ExVeritas are part of the on the ATEX Notified Body group and the Government Appointed UKCA Ex Group UKEX-ABG.

ExVeritas are the most experienced DSEAR company in the UK and uniquely have UKAS accreditation for many DSEAR related services. We have over 350 years collective explosive atmosphere safety experience on our team, and we can use that experience to deliver the best solution in the fastest possible time on your nest project.

Hazardous Area Certification Experience

  • All UKCA ‘Ex’, ATEX, IECEx and NEC electrical protection conceptsATEX
  • UKCA, ATEX , IECEx and NEC large electrical machines 
  • UKCA, ATEX and IECEx Non-Electrical
  • NEC500 (Division System) and NEC505 (AEx)
  • EX Safety Systems (including SIL verification)
  • EX Protective Systems
  • ATEX, UKCA, IECEx, FUS and ISO9001 Quality Systems
  • GOST, INMETRO, CCC and other international approvals
  • CE Electrical Safety Test and Certification
  • UL61010/950 Ordinary Location testing
  • CompEx Training and Specialist courses, many unique to ExVeritas.
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Inspection (DSEAR, ATEX137 and NEC500 and 505)
  • ATEX and IECEx Expert Witness and investigation services

    Equipment Types Experiance

    • Pipe handling equipment
    • Top drives & BOP’s
    • Drillers panels and cabins
    • Robots
    • Vehicles
    • Nuclear equipment
    • Computers
    • Marine equipment
    • Hydrogen cells and fuelling
    • Most types of analysers
    • Welding equipment
    • Conveyor systems
    • Modular plant
    • Torches & Lighting
    • Garage forecourt equipment
    • Military test sets and equipment
    • Pumps motors and actuators
    • Hazardous Area Gas detectors
    • Diesel Engines
    • TVR’s and drillers Cabins
    • Phones
    • Tablets and HUI’s
    • Connectors
    • Optical equipment

    Hazardous Areas Site Experience

    • Hazardous Area COMAH Sites
    • Power Stations (Coal and Gas)
    • Engine Testing (Car and Aircraft)
    • Paint Spraying
    • Packaged Engines
    • Chemical Processing
    • Pressurised Control Rooms
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Oils and Gas drilling and refining
    • Drilling and Pipe Handling Equipment
    • FSPO’s & Refineries
    • Distilleries
    • Warehousing
    • Fuel Farms
    • Food Manufacturing (dusts)
    • Vehicle Manufacturing
    • Airports & Aviation
    • Weapons Systems
    • Water Treatment and Sewerage
    • Medical (DNA splicing etc.)
    • Hydrogen Cells and Refuelling
    • Garage Forecourts
    • Gas Turbines
    • Gas distribution and reduction