Site Safety Services

ExVeritas specialise in the field of ‘Explosion safety’ and  have some of the most experienced and highly qualified people available.

Explosion Safety Compliance Review

We develop a profile of your site, processes, and procedures, review all available documentation, check hazardous substances inventory, and issue a report detailing the current and required compliance levels.

Where legislation exists as a minimum set of legal requirements (for example ATEX 153 in the EU and DSEAR in the UK) we will use that framework for reports and recommendations.

Explosion Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments should always be carried out when there is a possible risk of an explosion or flammable atmosphere in the workplace, from simple Qualitative Risk Assessments to software modelling of outcomes, we can deliver what is required for compliance and further safety planning.


Hazardous Area Classification

Most regulations and even legal systems require the employer to ‘classify’ places at the workplace where an explosive atmosphere may occur into hazardous or non-hazardous places.

We specialise in this area which is often the most complicated and the most critical aspect of explosion safety.


Ex’ and CompEx Inspection

We conduct Inspections of electrical and mechanical equipment in hazardous areas and provide reports and recommendations. We can also assist with the development of an asset register which may be maintained through our proprietary iEX software.

As we are also a Government Appointed/Notified Certification Body we can assist with the assessment of non-compliant or uncertified equipment that has been installed on site

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