Electrical Ex Inspection

Trusted Ex Inspection from the UK’s leading Experts

ExVeritas has more internationally recognised accreditation in the field of ‘Explosive Atmosphere Safety’ than any other company in the UK. We are a UK Government Appointed UKCA ‘Ex’ Body, ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body, CompEx Certification Provider and hold UKAS Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17021:2005. We issue internationally recognised certificates for hazardous area Ex Electrical Inspection, Ex Non-Electrical Inspection and Ex Repair Verification. The standard that ExVeritas use for inspection are: 

  • BS EN 60079-14:2014 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations design, selection and erection
  • BS EN 60079-17:2014 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations inspection and maintenance
  • BS EN 60079-19:2011+A1:2015 Explosive atmospheres. Equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation
  • IEC 60079-14:2013 Explosive atmospheres – Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection
  • IEC 60079-17:2013 Explosive atmospheres – Part 17: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance
  • IEC 60079-19:2010+AMD1:2015 CSV Explosive atmospheres – Part 19: Equipment repair, overhaul and reclamation

Our inspectors are experts in both electrical and mechanical Ex inspection  and our inspectors are certified to CompEx EX01-06, EX11, EX12 and EX14. ExVeritas consultants are verified experts in the field of Ex Inspection & Installation as required by the ATEX/DSEAR Directive for EPD Sign off. We have extensive Professional and Public Liability Insurance specifically for Explosive Atmosphere Consultancy and inspection and have an extensive and impressive track record of successfully completed projects world-wide.


iEx Inspection Software is Designed and Built by ExVeritas  

Ex inspections require a method to view and analyse the inspection data to prioritise remedial actions and ensure repeating faults are prevented with root cause analysis. When we conduct Ex or ATEX inspections we will collect data using our unique in-house developed software. The final database will be ‘free issued’ to customers or can be provided for export to other databases or as hard copy (PDF) records. See more on iEx Explosion Safety Management Software.


Ex Remedial Services

We have our own team of highly experienced and CompEx trained (electrical, non-electrical and Ex design) inspection and remedial action engineers together with qualified Ex Inspection Managers & Supervisors. We can use our people, your people or local contractors (that we will train, supervise and ultimately sign off) for complete flexibility and competitive pricing. We have experience in carrying out inspections and taking the appropriate remedial actions with ATEX, IEC and NEC Installation Codes.


EX Inspection & Installation Experience

We can inspect and install to EN/IEC60079-14, so we can repair and replace defective equipment or modify skids/assemblies for compliance on site. Our Practitioners have significant Ex inspection experience in the following fields:

  • Oil and Gas processing plant, FSPO’s & Refineries
  • Power Stations (Coal and Gas)
  • Engine Testing (Car and Aircraft)
  • Paint Spraying & Printing industries
  • Chemical Processing & Pharmaceutical
  • Warehousing of Dangerous Substances
  • Food Manufacturing & Distilleries
  • Airports, Aviation & Military Bases
  • Water Treatment and Sewerage
  • Garage Forecourts & Hydrogen Refuelling

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