Ex Inspection Software

Ex Inspection SoftwareATEX Inspection

Ex Inspection and Asset Management Software for ATEX, DSEAR and IECEx

Increase Safety, Prove Regulatory Compliance, Reduce Downtime & Equipment Costs Ex Inspection Software

To compliment our full range of inspection services, ExVeritas have produced a state-of-the-art cloud based EPD (Explosion Protection Document) and Ex inspection system called ‘iEx’. The iEx Inspection system provides a fast and accurate method for conducting, monitoring and analyzing Hazardous Area safety tasks and inspections.

  • Contains and controls all records and procedures necessary for DSEAR, ATEX 137 and IEC Verification Dossiers
  • Verifies all locations have been risk assessed and classified and records results to automatically define necessary EPL’s
  • Verifies that equipment is installed to the IEC/EN 60079-14 (for example, Initial Inspection)
  • Verifies equipment has been inspected and maintained to IEC/EN 60079-17
  • Manages maintenance and remedial action in accordance with IEC/EN 60079-17
  • Analyses and Determines accurate inspection schedules to IEC/EN 60079-17

Ex Inspection & Ex Safety Management

ATEX Inspection

iEx provides ‘Total Compliance Management’ for ATEX and IECEx Hazardous areas, managing risk assessment, classification, inspections, maintenance tasks and the competence of the personnel involved. It is a unique, intelligent system design exclusively for ATEX and IECEx safety management by acknowledged and accredited experts in the field. It is not just a ‘modified’ equipment database, it is a powerful and intelligent safety management system.

Our Ex Inspection software verifies that equipment is installed and maintained to IEC/EN 60079-14 and creates accurate Ex inspection schedules and remedial actions in accordance with IEC/EN 60079-17. We have created an inspection system that is incredibly simple to use, but has the most advanced scheduling, tracking and analysis features available.

  • Schedules and manages Ex inspections and remedial actions (including maintenance, risk assessment and permits) with automated task allocation and tracking.
  • Manages inspectors schedules and competences, gives inspectors ‘close out’ levels based on competence.
  • Barcode (read and print) and RFID enabled for ‘one scan’ inspections with pictures, video and inspections synced to the main database.
  • Inspection questions are intelligently selected based on the location, area classification and the equipment/inspection type.
  • Equipment is intelligently checked against the area classification and location details to ensure that the wrong equipment can not be installed or inspected.
  • You can add equipment specific inspections such as ‘check oil level on gear box’ to ensure experience is passed on to new inspectors.
  • The Ex Inspection software works for plant, assembly or rig inspections, ideal for mobile equipment. Existing plant inventory or equipment lists can be imported to the system.
  • Includes a full database of flammable materials to automatically enter temperature classifications and gas groups based on flammable material within an area.
  • User editable database of certified equipment parts for ‘one click’ entry of all certification data needed for inspections.
  • Automatically calculates and creates intrinsic safety system drawings and reports by clicking on a power supply, cable type and equipment!
  • Full import, export and back up to CSV from the main database and to SD Card on hand held devices.
  • State-of-the-art data collection and verification system for Ex Inspection, backed up on hand held devices and by secure mirror servers.
  • 24/7 permanently available real-time Ex inspection records with intelligent scheduling and reporting for both inspections and remedial actions.
  • Failure type analysis, identify problems with manufacturers, materials or specific environmental conditions, check for failures by ‘installer’!
  • Each system comes with support as an option – our verified experts from ExVeritas can log in if requested and give opinions on individual inspections or assessments to resolve issues  fast!


Put your Ex Inspection data to use

There are many types of simple inspection databases, the unique feature of iEx is the reporting and analysis functions. For example, after an inspection is complete, the user can find ‘all gaskets that failed by manufacturer’ or all boxes that corroded by location, for example. This ensures that identified problems can be traced to source and not repeated, lower both capital and inspection costs.

Cloud Based Host Benefits

  • Ex Inspection Software Data is collected on hand held devices (HHD) and ‘uploaded’ to a cloud based management system. The advantages of this system included:atex inspection
  • iEx can be viewed on any system at any location, no installation required.
  • Unique user log in and tractability by time/user/location. Can be accessed globally and on multiple device types and data can be input from multiple device types
  • Each cloud based system is tailored and branded to each customer, your specific site layout and area names are pre-configured and other details such as area classification and hazardous gas details are preconfigured.
  • Uploaded Ex Inspection data records inspecting engineer details, time, date and location via GPS automatically
  • Uploads can be real time (Wi Fi/3G) or at the end of a shift for expert off-line checking, problem resolution and decision making. Inspectors can upload pictures, video and audio.
  • The database is maintained by our technical experts to be permanently compliant with the legal and technical requirements for Inspection. When users log in they will be notified of any changes or updates to the system.

Input Devices (Tablets) for Ex Inspection Software

Our software will run on ANY Android tablet device with a suitable display……

The software is designed to run on 7 inch Android devices. It will run on a standard Samsung Galaxy (for safe area/under permit) or certified devices (Zone 1, 21, 2 and 22 versions are available and we are happy direct you to resellers or procure and set them up for you)