ATEX, IECEx & Global Ex

ATEX, IECEx and Global Ex Certification

ExVeritas is an ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body (IECEx CB) and Test Laboratory’ (IECEx TL)

There is only one way to get ‘on time’ and fixed cost EX and CE Certification, and that is to submit the product ‘right first time’ with the correct test samples and documents. We pre-test and assess products as necessary to ensure the product is compliant and certification is ‘right first time’. Our experience ensures you get certification on time, and with the best specification for global sales.For all of our Ex testing and certification there will be one quote, one point of contact and direct access to the experienced certification Engineers who will endeavour to help you through the certification process.
Different types of equipment may require different types of EX Certification, and some types of equipment are excluded from EX Certification altogether. Please contact us and we will let you know what you need and the most cost effective and expedient route to obtaining it. We offer direct certification for ATEX (including relevant CE Testing), IECEx, North America/Canada, Brazil and Russia managing the complexities of multiple schemes in one project for one cost.

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If you require North American or Canadian hazardous area listing in parallel with ATEX, we offer a full advise and certification service through several leading North American OSHA organisations and we can ensure that your design and concepts will be suitable for both Hazardous Area listing and safe location requirements such as IEC601010, which are often mandatory.

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EX Certification Design Review

If you are new to ATEX, IECEx or Hazardous Area Certification and have not designed your equipment to a specific ‘protection concept’ or harmonised standard, we would suggest that you start with a design review to ensure that you have something to submit that is ‘suitable for certification’.  Certification Bodies quote certification costs on the assumption that the product they are testing is compliant and will pass, if you haven’t made the product compliant, the final certification bill can be four or five times higher than the quoted cost (and so can the time to certification!). Design reviews also ensure that you have the best possible scope of certification  and have considered all international markets for hazardous location certification. Click here for more information on our Design Review service for ATEX, IECEx and North American Hazloc.

ATEX and IECEx Quality Audits

We are experienced auditors for both ISO 9001:2000 and ATEX/IECEx Quality Modules. We can conduct pre-audits for companies looking to obtain accreditation or conduct final audits (as a Notified Body or IECEx Certification Body) so that Quality Certification can be issued. Our audits are also accepted for Brazil and Russia Ex Quality Assurance.

North American Ex Certification

For North American listing (certification) testing is carried out against the relevant UL and/or CSA listed standard for your product type. This type of testing can only be conducted by an approved test body (NRTL or SCC approval laboratory). ExVeritas is an audited and approved third party test laboratory for an NRTL which entitles ExVeritas to conduct testing in the UK that can be accepted by an NRTL in North America. This can also be achieved (with prior agreement) with IECEx Test Reports containing ‘National Differences’ test and assessment.
Products requiring Hazardous Area listing in North America are also required to meet general industrial safety standards such as UL61010. This is not self-certification as it is in Europe under CE Marking and can require a significant amount of test and assessment.
It should be noted that ‘offshore’ in North America the approval are controlled by the USCG, and ExVeritas are an accepted test and certification body for the USCG and our IECEx Certificates can therefore be used in offshore applications (for example, the gulf coast)
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