TR CU Certification for Russia

‘Ex’ TR CU CertificationTR CU Certification

Ex Certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus

ExVeritas works closely with Sercons to provide TR CU Certifications, Sercons are an Accredited Russian Certification Body with the largest portfolio of TR CU accreditations (with Ex being one of them). We can convert any ATEX/IECEx certificate to a TR CU Certification, or you can simply add it to your Next ExVeritas ATEX or IECEx project.
Since the Russian GOST certification systems have expired, the GOST certificates will convert to the TR CU (EAC) documentation for the whole Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus), this began in March 2015.
If you want to sell products for explosive atmospheres in to Russia (and the new Customs Union) you will need TR CU 012/2011 “On the Safety of Products in Explosive Areas”. TR CU 012 is an export certificate required for all products going to Russia, Kazakhstan, or Belarus that will be used within an explosive environment.  It is required for all products that carry the Ex marking on the label.
One of the rules of the new Technical Regulations of the Customs Union is that there must be an Applicant that is domiciled in the one of the member countries.  So these certificates must be made in conjunction with an established client, distributor, or subsidiary so that the certificate can even be made.  If there are none, or if the Manufacturer wants a more general certificate; then we do have a Logistic Partner that can be the Applicant, but they will charge a fee to establish this relationship.
The documents needed for the TR CU 012/2011 certificate:

  • ISO9000 certification
  • Organization Chart,
  • Drawings,
  • ATEX/IECEx certificate(s) for the item
  • Photos of the label with the Ex Marking (for the Main Product as well as the components)
  • Photos of the production line, Quality Assurance manual/Policy, Manufacturer Questionnaire Operating manuals in Russian. 
  • CE certificates (if applicable)

TR CU 012/2011 Ex certificate is also a type/quality certificate, an audit or equipment inspection may be required dep[ending on the product type.
Please note that for type approval (continued production) there is a small yearly charge after the initial certification fee (which covers the first year) for ongoing production, but no audit will be necessary.
Please contact us for more details or costs