Ex Certification Review

Explosion Safety Certification Review

A Certification Expert ‘On Your Team’


An Ex Certification Review allows one of our senior experts (typically with 20+ years experience in Ex Design and Certification) to conduct a top level review of the requirements and routes available for your product to achieve Hazardous Area Approval for the global markets.  Your product will be technically reviewed against the requirements of ATEX, IECEx, NEC500 and other international hazardous location certification requirements, or just specific requirements (such as ATEX) if requested.

As we only use our most experienced people for these reviews, they can very quickly identify what will and won’t work, and we can expedite this work to give you a full understanding of the viability, costs and timescales for all options. Its like having a certification expert on your team, considering both the technical and commercial aspects of certification to give you the best possible start to your project. The Ex Certification Review will cover:

  • Review of Available Ex Certification Types for Global Approval as required
  • Top level requirements (such as quality requirements for manufacture)
  • All specification requirements for certification (zones, gas and dust types, ambient ranges etc.)
  • Scheme specific requirements
  • All Protection Concepts that can be made to work (based on the power levels and type of equipment) and their advantages and limitations
  • A list of typical modifications that may be required for suggested concepts to establish a critical path
  • An outline of the test and certification program for suggested concepts with or without modifications
  • Final conclusions and recommendations (including indicative costs and timeframes for certification)

Fast and effective Ex Certification.

Certification Bodies and Notified Bodies are very busy and often have lead times (before they can start) of 12-26 weeks. Quoted certification times are typically 12 weeks, but this is on the ‘assumption’ that the product and the certification drawings are fully compliant with the Standards they are certified to, for a product being Ex Certified for Europe and North America, this can be over ten different Standards. When products don’t comply, the certification  process is held up, and on average, certification typically takes over 6 months. The only way to get fast Ex certification is to submit the project for certification with no non-compliances and the correct drawing and documents required for certification.

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