ATEX Certification

ATEX Certification

Notified Body for ATEX Certification with full UKAS Accreditation

ExVeritas is an ATEX Notified Body that provides the highest service levels possible by working closely with our customers and employing only the most experienced Certification Engineers. Our results and customer feedback have been outstanding and we are the only UK Certification Body top be awarded the ‘Queens Award’ for enterprise. 

This high level of experience (and our unique cloud based certification management system ‘CMS’) means we can provide a fast, helpful and  technically accurate service. Call us or contact us and we will walk you through the entire process- talk with an expert immediately, no sales people or project handlers, just highly experienced ATEX Certification Engineers. As we are also an IECEx Certification Body, we can issue IECEx Certificates in parallel with any ATEX Certificate with very little or no additional testing requirements.
In addition to being an ATEX Notified Body and UKAS Accredited Certification Body, ExVeritas are accredited by UKAS and IECEx as a Testing Laboratory to  ISO/IEC 17025:2005. This means you can be assured that we can deliver the service you need and that our results will be accepted internationally. We can also conduct IECEx testing, Divisional Listing (US/Canada), INMETRO approval (Brazil) and Russian Approval in parallel to ATEX Certification, this offers a cost effective route to a global certification scheme often requested outside of the EU.
ExVeritas also operates a unique on-line Certification Management System (CMS) to make your life easier. View your certificates, reports or current project status instantly on any device with a web browser, get quotes faster, get concessions on issued certification instantly!
ExVeritas is based in the UK but also has a company/offices in Ireland so will remain in the EU (for Notification) irrespective of the outcome of the UK leaving the European Union.

Complete an on-line quote application form to get a fast, accurate quote with the best possible price and lead time.

Full Test Laboratory for ATEX

It is imperative that you test your product at an accredited laboratory that is also an IECEx Test Laboratory for international results acceptance.  It is also very important that the Certification Body you use can test the product ‘in house’ as subcontract testing can lead to delays or objections when transferring results.
ExVeritas has a fully UKAS accredited Test Laboratory that is also a certified IECEx Test Laboratory, We have an extensive range of modern test facilities covering almost every type of ATEX product, our facilities include:

  • Computer controlled ‘Explosion Testing’ for speed and repeatability
  • High pressure, high leakage overpressure testing
  • Intrinsically Safe ‘spark testing’ (break flash) including high current
  • Optical (light) testing for ‘Op is’ etc
  • 4 Thermal Conditioning Chambers including large chamber for luminaires
  • High Voltage and High Currant load facilities
  • Temperature Analysis room with Thermal Imaging etc.
  • Full Ingress Testing to IP68

We also offer Full Electrical Testing (UL61010 etc) for CE and North America Listing and EMC testing for ‘CE’ in parallel with ATEX (ideal for intrinsically safe projects)

ATEX Quality Certification

We can conduct pre-audits for companies looking to obtain accreditation or conduct final audits as a UK Notified Body so that ATEX Quality Certification (QAN) can be issued (ATEX Manufacturing Licence). We can also conduct the required audits for both IECEx and INMETRO approval at the same time, lowering your costs and disturbance. We have auditors in Europe, Australia, Asia and America to keep the travel costs as low as possible when auditing. We also offer accredited ISO9001 Certification for a true cost saving turnkey audit package, see here for more details.

Example ATEX Certificates

ATEX CertificateATEX Certificationqan-example

ATEX Certification based on Inspections

We are UKAS accredited as a Certification Body to EN/IEC60079-14 and 17, can issue ATEX Notified Body or IEC Inspection certificates based on unit verification. This is particularly useful for large complex and low volume items such as skids, and can incorporate Inspections (this can be recorded on our iEx Inspection System, see this link for more details).

CE Testing Facilities

ATEX is a CE Marking Directive and requires evidence that the other applicable CE Marking Directives have been addressed.
We  offer full in-house CE Testing for turnkey ATEX with CE Marking so that you can just send one sample to one team at one location and get turnkey access top the markets you need.

  • Full EMC emissions and immunity testing to 3Ghz
  • Full electrical testing (LVD)
  • Machinery Directive including thermal imaging and soud levels
  • Noise Directive
  • PED Evaluations

Large Scale ATEX Certification and CE Marking Project

Fully project managed ATEX Certification delivered ‘on time’ for a firm cost.
We have CE Marked and ATEX certified, Rigs, Skids, Modular Plant, BOP’s, Top Drives, Pipe Handling Equipment, Pigs, TVR’s, Driller Cabins, Coil Tube Units and 6000Kw Motors! We have extensive experience with most oil and gas tools and have certified such equipment globally for some of the largest manufacturers and users in the world.
Please review our feedback from some of the worlds leading companies to see how others view our ATEX Certification service levels.