ATEX Assemblies

ATEX Assemblies

ATEX Assemblies, Panels and Skids

It has always be a requirement under that ATEX assemblies (rigs skids, modular plant) of certified equipment and parts that do not require certification should be assessed as ‘one product’ and provided with an overall approval rather than as a collection of parts. More and more buyers and inspectors require to see a 3rd party certification for an ‘assembly’ with one label plate on the final assembly covering all protection concepts.

ExVeritas are accredited by UKAS accredited to EN60079-14 (for inspecting assemblies and installations) and are an ATEX Notified Body. We offer turnkey approval of ATEX assemblies, from area classification (defining the ATEX Category/EPL requirements) to inspection, even providing the certification plates and labels to attached to the equipment when necessary. For mobile rigs and fleets, we can manage the certification and inspection process using our proprietary ‘iEx’ software.

Typical ATEX Assemblies and Ex Rigs we have inspected and certified:ATEX Assemblies

  • Drillers Rigs
  • Coil tubing Units
  • ATEX Portable fracking Rigs
  • Drillers cabins
  • Power Packs, HVAC
  • Generators, diesel engines & turbines
  • Top Drives
  • Pipe handling Skids
  • BOPs and Panels
  • Modular Rooms

In addition to being able to certify Assemblies as a Notified Body or IECEx Certification from any of our global offices, we also offer full training on designing and certifying assemblies and non-electrical equipment.

Ex and ATEX Certification

Assemblies, Rigs and Skids can be ATEX Notified Body Certified under ‘Unit Verification’. Exveritas are an ATEX Notified Body for Unit Verification.

We also offer UKAS Accredited System and Assembly Certification, including non-electrical approval (full test, assessment and certification or Technical File Lodging as a Notified Body)

  • Assemblies of certificated parts (i.e. rigs, skids, panels)
  • ATEX Non Electrical Equipment
  • Simple apparatus and intrinsically Safe Systems on ATEX assemblies
  • Equipment designed with internal flammable atmospheres (Machinery Directive)
  • Risk Assessment and Process Safety Systems
  • CE Marking of ATEX assemblies (including EMC scans on site, Machinery Directive and Electrical safety)

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