IECEx Certified Service Facilities

An IECEx Certificate establishes your company as an accredited  ‘Ex’ repair organisation.

ExVeritas is an IECEx accepted certification body able to offer assessment and certification of Service Facilities and Workshops under the IECEx Certified Service Facilities Program.

Repair and overhaul of equipment can often be more cost-effective than replacing it with new equipment, but of course the challenge is to ensure that any repair work does not affect the integrity of the equipment from a product conformity viewpoint As an IECEx accredited Certification Body, ExVeritas offer the assessment and on-site audit of organisations that provide a Repair and Overhaul Service on ‘Ex’ equipment and assemblies. Successfully audited companies will be issued IECEx Certification as an ‘Ex’ service centre. If required, ExVeritas can also issue fully accredited ILAC recognised (UKAS) ISO9001 Certification in one cost saving audit.

ExVeritas are not only an IECEx accredited Certification Body for equipment and service facilities, we are also an internationally recognised (UKAS) Certification Body against ISO/IEC 17021:2005 for Quality |Management Systems and ISO/IEC 17020:2005.

About the process for Certification

ExVeritas auditors will review the quality management system procedures, working environment, staff competence and controlled calibration of suitable test and measurement equipment.

The scheme falls in line with the IECEx Service Facility Certification Scheme requirements (the manufacturer must comply with requirements of IECEx operational documents OD/003 and OD/014 with effective utilisation of IECEx OD/015 IEC 60079-

Benefits of the Certification

Many end users will not use unaccredited repair and overhaul organisations, as an IECEx certified service centre you will be able to market and demonstrate the necessary expertise required by most potential customers. IECEx Certification also provides evidence that your Service Facility is overhauling and repairing Ex Equipment correctly.

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