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Ex Non-Electrical Services

We have our own team of highly experienced risk assessment and CompEx qualified non-electrical inspection engineers together with significant experience in actually ‘certifying’ ATEX Non-Electrical Equipment and using thermography and NDT test equipment in the field for site certification. Using our in depth knowledge of non-electrical certification requirements and using state-of-the-art imaging and measurement technology, we can provide evidence of proper installation and ensure that no dangerous degradation or faults occur during the life of the plant or equipment.

Thermal Imaging and Non Destructive Test and Measurement

ExVeritas use Zone 1/21 Certified Thermal Image Camera’s with a measurement range of -20°C to +600°C. This type of nondestructive measurement technology is unsurpassed for preventative maintenance and checking plant and equipment against EN1127-1 for ignition temperature detection and detecting failures ‘before they happen’ (constructional safety)

Ex Equipment ExampleGenerator Engine Exaust

In this example you can see that on a diesel generator (located in a hazardous area) the exhaust protection has failed, this was only discovered using thermal imaging which revealed ignition capable temperatures.


Hazardous Area Equipment Condition Detected (to EN1127)
Drives, Couplings, Gears, Belts, Pulleys and Shafts Overheated bearings or rollers, misalignment of shaft, pulley or coupling, lubrication failure, uneven pressure. Bearing problems are generally found by a comparison of surface temperatures; comparing one bearing to another working under similar conditions
ATEX and Ex Motors Overheating of windings and bearings, blockages in cooling passages, friction, damping, material deformations, brush contact problems, rotors.
ATEX Pumps, Compressors and Fans Overheated bearings, high compressor discharges temperature, high oil temperature and defective valves.
ATEX Internal Combustion Engines Ensuring coolers work to the certification specification. High radiator inlet or outlet temperature. Exhaust temperatures (exhaust cooling system working), no cracks or defects in potted or cement parts of the exhaust allowing gas to high temperatures.
Frictional Load equipment Overheating brakes, tires, bearings, pulleys, gears, gear or pulley misalignment, and blockages in hydraulics.
Ex Turbines Parts inside Zone 2/1 sealed from high turbine temperatures.
Ovens, Furnaces, Kilns, Pipes Parts inside Zone 2/1 sealed from high turbine temperatures. Location hot parts, pipes and damaged installation.
Valves Adiabatic compression leading to ignition capable temperatures.

Non-Destructive Thickness Testing

ExVeritas use Zone 1/21 ATEX and IECEx Certified Non-Destructive Thickness Testers with a high accuracy +/- 0.05mm from 3mm up to 100mm even reading through painted surfaces. This technology is unsurpassed for preventative maintenance and checking plant and equipment against EN1127-1 and EN 13463 non-electrical protection concepts that rely on structural integrity.thickness

  • Check Pipe and Tank Thickness (for internal Corrosion)
  • Ensure fixing parts remain strong to avoid impact and friction ignitions
  • Check Ex d enclosure thicknesses under installed conditions
  • Check oil filled (Ex o) or liquid protected (k) enclosures are not degrading

Free Issued Inspection Software

When we conduct Ex or ATEX inspections we will collect data using our unique in-house developed software. The final database will be ‘issued free’ to customers or can be provided for export to other databases or as hard copy (PDF) records. Click here to view the inspection software for managing, reporting, tracking and analysis of our Ex Inspections.

We offer the most complete ATEX inspection service available, all at a very competitive firm cost. We can estimate for free, normally within 48 hours..

EX Inspection & Installation Experience

We can inspect and install to EN/IEC60079-14, so we can repair and replace defective equipment or modify skids/assemblies for compliance on site. Our Practitioners have significant ATEX inspection experience in the following fields:

  • Oil and Gas processing plant, FSPO’s & Refineries
  • Power Stations (Coal and Gas)
  • Engine Testing (Car and Aircraft)
  • Paint Spraying & Printing industries
  • Chemical Processing & Pharmaceutical
  • Warehousing of Dangerous Substances
  • Food Manufacturing & Distilleries
  • Airports, Aviation & Military Bases
  • Water Treatment and Sewerage
  • Garage Forecourts & Hydrogen Refuelling

Confidence in our EX Inspection Services

ExVeritas consultants are verified experts in the field of  ATEX Inspection & Installation as required by the ATEX/DSEAR Directive for EPD Sign off. We have Professional and Public Liability Insurance specifically for Explosive Atmosphere Consultancy and have an extensive and impressive track record of successfully completed projects.

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