DANAK Use of logo


The rules over the use of the DANAK logo are as follows:

All ATEX certificates issued by ExVeritas ApS remains the property of ExVeritas ApS and must be returned when requested.

1. Certificate holders must ensure that no incorrect references to ExVeritas ApS certification system or misleading use of certificates or marks occur.
2. ExVeritas ApS Registered Companies Logo is granted under licence to those client companies who have obtained certification by ExVeritas ApS after successful assessment to the applicable standard.
3. Where the ExVeritas Certificate has been issued under DANAK accreditation, The DANAK logo is added to the certificate.
4. The ExVeritas Accrediting Mark shall not be used on laboratory test reports, calibration and inspection certificates and not applied directly to the product or packaging, whether secondary or primary or in such a manner as to imply that any individual product has been approved.
5. The DANAK Accreditation Logo may not be copied from the certificate in any way.
6. ExVeritas ApS will determine whether the registration mark is used only in strict accordance with our requirements at each surveillance visit. If an accredited certificate holder fails to comply with these regulations or uses the logos in any misleading manner, ExVeritas ApS reserves the right to withdraw or cancel its certificate upon which action, the certificate holder shall immediately cease to use the logos and withdraw the existing stock of its stationery and other promotional brochures etc. bearing the logos, from further use. Such action could include requests for correction and corrective action, suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, legal action