ExVeritas uses an electronic cloud-based e-learning system called ‘Learn Ex’ and as you have now registered you can have immediate access to your course notes and any available pre-learning material, tests and software tools. Simply visit www.learnex.online (or click the image) and create an account, then request access to the course you are attending.

Once you have done this you will have access to this portal for five years from the date of the course. This will include access to updated course notes and additional course information so that you can continue your professional development after you have taken the course.

During the training course, you will be able to log in to your account on provided computers and be able to view the course information as it is being presented and make notes that will be saved in your unique account. The course notes and the notes you have added will then be available to you whenever you log in from any device in the future.

Benefits of ExLearn.Online

  • Instant (pre-course) access to the learning material
  • Access to online knowledge tests
  • Access to software tools (as applicable)
  • No Unnecessary printing (environmentally friendly)
  • Clearer slide displays (1 slide per page on your desk from provided computers)
  • The notes you take on the course are stored with the course in your unique account.
  • The course notes are always current, so when you log in you have the latest information and details of any changes via a newsfeed
  • The ability to ask our experts questions before or after a course online!
  • Post learning to keep your Continued Professional Development updated – 5 years for free!