ECAS-EX Certification (UAE Scheme)

What is ECAS-EX and why do you need it?

The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS-Ex) is the United Arab Emirates’ scheme for Control of Electrical Equipment intended for use in explosive areas.

The application for issuance of certificate of conformity for regulated products is through the UAE Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology (MoIAT). They provide standards, conformity assessment and accreditation services in accordance with international requirements and practices.

There are several specific requirements that the Ex-equipment manufacturer (or their trade agent) will have to fulfil in order to obtain the ECAS-Ex certificate of conformity. It is a mandatory requirement to obtain certification in order to place equipment intended for use in explosive atmosphere on the market within the UAE.

What the requirements for ECAS-EX

  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License.
  • IECEx TR (Test Report)1
  • IECEx TC (Test Certificate)1
  • QAR (Quality Assessment Report)1, 2 & 3
  • The bespoke items, we require indicating serial # of the unit certified.
  • Declaration of Conformity by the Applicant on the company’s Official Letterhead
  • Proof of Exclusive Distributorship from the manufacturer in case the applicant is a trader or an agent.
  • Electronic Declaration of Conformity.
  • Payment of Applicable Fees
  1. To be issued by IECEx Recognized ExCBs and ExTLs (please refer to the following link:
  2. QARs shall be no older than 12 months from its date of issue.
  3. QARs are not required for  Unit Verification 

How can ExVeritas help?

The ECAS-Ex application process is relatively straightforward if the equipment already has IECEx Certificate of Conformity and associated valid Quality Assessment Report (QAR). ExVeritas are one of the world’s leading experts in the field of explosive atmospheres, an IECEx recognized ExTL and ExCB that can issue IECEx certification. We can certify the equipment to the applicable IECEx standards and liaise with the UAE MoIAT in order to obtain ECAS-EX certification for the United Arab Emirates.

For more help with ECAS-EX Certification please contact ExVeritas or simply add it to your next project via our application form in CMS.