Test Sample Requirements

Test Sample Requirements

Many types of Certification will require the client to send test samples to our UKAS accredited Test Laboratories. The exact requirements for the samples will be specified by ExVeritas after an initial document review. Whilst an indication of samples required may be given on the quote, a full assessment may modify or add to the sample requirements.

Generally speaking test samples will be provided to represent a ‘worst-case’ for testing that would cover the  range of materials or layouts as defined by the manufacturing drawings/schedule. For example, where there are a range of materials the weakest tensile strength material may be used with the maximum amount of holes specified pre-drilled. In many cases a number of samples may be required, configured differently for different tests.

Many of the tests we may have to perform are ‘destructive’ (impact, drop, thermal conditioning, explosion testing etc), if this presents a problem then alternative or substituted equivalent parts may be used if agreed by ExVeritas.

It may be possible to test large samples at a 3rd party or customer location, this should be identified/requested at the quotation stage.

Avoiding Import Duty and delays when shipping Test Samples

If you send ExVeritas a sample and put a ‘value’ on the paperwork, you will be liable for Import Duty (based on the value) unless you follow the guidance below. If it is a temporary import you will need to state on the paperwork that it is a temporary import and add either –
“To be tested and returned, with approx. date of return” (assume a return date of 6 months later) or “To be tested and destroyed”.

Samples that will require returning to you.

If return is required after testing then HMR customs require an expected return date so that customs can then check that it has been returned.
If it is a temporary import then you will need to use Customs Procedure Code (CPC): 4000000.

Samples that will be destroyed after test (not returned)

If the sample is being tested to destruction then you will need to use CPC CODE: 4000C33.

Delivery Method/Courier

To avoid any delays all samples should be sent ‘DDP’, which means Duty and taxes paid by sender. ExVeritas do not accept samples marked ‘DAP’ (delivery at place) and accept no liability for delivery costs or duty.