Certification Database

ExVeritas Certification Database

ExVeritas Publish a database of certificates together with their certification status. There are 3 types of certificate in the database:

  • Product Certification: Product Certification doesn’t normally expire, but Inspection Certificates may have a re-inspection (inspection due) date.
  • Quality Certification: Quality Certification will always have an expire date, and Quality Certificates that are not updated or maintained will show as Suspended or Withdrawn.
  • Personnel Certification: People who have passed exams and demonstrated competence may be listed as certified personnel under a particular discipline. Personnel Certification will always have an expire date for refresher training and revaluation.

public cms
Current: The Certificate Is valid and will show current variation levels
Suspended: The Certificate has been suspended (normally pending an investigation or remedial action) and must be monitored, it may be withdrawn or regain full current status)
Withdrawn : The certificate has expired or is withdrawn for a technical or committal reason and should not be used for ascertaining compliance or presuming conformity.
The certification database covers product certification, quality certification, technical files lodged, and competence certification issued.register-now-button-png-i15
In order to view this database you will need to create an account an log in which will allow you public access to the database. The account will be confirmed and must contain a valid ‘business’ e-mail address.
You will also need to enter the ExVeritas Certificate Number that you wish to receive information on.