CCC Ex Quality Audits for China

CCC Audits conducted by ExVeritas

CCC Audits conducted by ExVeritas can be combined with our other audit offerings (ATEX, IECEx, UKAS ISO9001, INMETRO etc) for one cost saving audit, aligning all Ex related quality requirements with a consistent approach by the same audit team. The CNCA-C23-01:2019 regulation requires that all Ex-products listed in the product catalogue, irrespective of the place of manufacture, must be assessed in a three-step CCC certification process:

  1. The Type Test (Ex-product evaluation, testing and certification)
  2. The Initial Factory Inspection
  3. The Post-Certification Supervision (Surveillance audits and Re-Assessment audits)

Having a valid ATEX QAN and/or IECEx QAR is not sufficient, the audit must be performed by a qualified and listed CCC Auditor.

The audits at the manufacturing location must be conducted by CCC Ex-auditors appointed by Chinese CCC Ex-Certification Bodies that are recognised by the CCAA. ExVeritas are qualified in this regard and can conduct the necessary CCC Audits in parallel with our other Audit activities where applicable.

Production Audits

The frequency of the Post-Certification Supervisions is NOT always in line with IECEx/ATEX production quality audit rules. Instead, the frequency of the Surveillance and Re-assessment audits depends on the Classification of the Company. Companies are classified as Type A, B, C, D, based on the status of the manufacture’s quality system. This classification is done by the CCC Ex Certification Body chosen by the manufacturer. ExVeritas will be able to identify the classification of your company.  CCC Ex Factory Inspections for Class B manufacturers (the most common class) may be aligned with the typically 18 months IECEx and ATEX audit cycles, allowing them to be synchronized.

Full details on the CCC Product Certification Scheme can be found here