ATEX Directive Products Scope

Is your product covered by the ATEX Directive

The list clarifies some common inquires and provide examples of products within or outside the scope of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. The List was confirmed during the Directive 94/9/EC ATEX Working Group meeting on 12 July 2012.
The List does not replace the vital risk assessment of each product and in addition ignition sources and explosion hazards related to the use of all the products shall also always be considered.
ATEX Directive
ATEX Directive scope
ATEX Directive exclusions
Note 1: Additional information can be obtained in the ATEX Guidelines and Standing Committee Considerations to Directive 94/9/EC but also in the Non-binding Guide to ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC.
Note 2: Equipment, protective systems, Ex components, safety, controlling, regulating devices and/or other products indicated as not falling within the scope of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, ignition sources and explosion hazards related to the use shall be considered. Friction impacts and abrasion processes involving rust and light metals (e.g. aluminium and magnesium) and their alloys may initiate an aluminothermic (thermite) reaction, which can give rise to particularly incendive sparking.
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