ATEX Non-Electrical Certification

ATEX Non-Electrical Certification

ExVeritas are specialists in ATEX Non-Electrical Certification, we have significant experience with all types of machinery and we can also issue reports to the Machinery Directive and SIL/Functional Safety. We are UKAS Accredited for all types of ATEX Non-Electrical Certification and can issue Notified Body Certificates for all Categories (Unit Verification) or for Category 1 Type Approval. The various certification routes/options are shown below:ATEX Non-Electrical Certification

ATEX Category 1 non-electrical – ATEX Notified Body Certificate

ATEX Category 2 non-electrical – Notified Body File Lodge (Optional UKAS ATEX Certificate)

ATEX Category 3 non-electrical – Optional UKAS ATEX Certificate

ExVeritas has also developed a suite of free software for our customers to assist with ATEX or IECEx non-electrical ignition analysis to the new ISO80079-36/37 Standards (these new non-electrical standards will be used for both ATEX and IECEx non-electrical certification). The software is available by simply logging in (there is nothing to install) and will be made available on request to any customer attending our non-electrical training courses or certifying ATEX/IECEx non-electrical projects with us.

To request certification, a design review or to lodge a file, please apply on line using our CMS Form

ATEX Technical File Lodge

Certain types of ATEX Equipment requires that a Technical File be lodged with an ATEX Notified Body before CE Marking can be legally applied. Typically this will be Zone 1 non-electrical equipment where the file can be lodged without further Notified Body involvement. If you want us to review your file to make sure you have covered the requirements of the Directive, this is available as an option.

The Technical File must be held by the Notified Body for 10 years after the last unit is placed on the market, so if you only have the file held by a Notified Body for 10 years total, you can not sell the equipment after the first year, to be able to sell the equipment for five years, you would need the file to be held for 15 years. Our current file holding costs are shown below, to request a lodge please use the CMS and select File Lodge. All files lodged with ExVeritas receive an official signed Lodge Letter with unique reference number which can be checked on line.

The initial storage period requested is detailed below (please select)

Pricing for Storage of Non-Electrical Technical Dossier during manufacture period* Fee for final 10 years of storage after manufacture period. (Mandatory**)
1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
Paper Documentation £100 £400 £800 £500
Documentation on DVD £75 £300 £600

*Normally the number of years the equipment is envisaged to be in production

**It is a requirement that Technical Dossiers lodged with ATEX Notified Bodies in accordance with have to be retained for a period of 10 years after last manufacture of the product.