CV19 Training/CompEx Updates from July

Jun 4, 2020 | ExVeritas News

CompEx and Specialist Training will resume from July 2020

ExVeritas are running CompEx and other courses from July. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of all delegates and staff in line with all current local and international recommendations.

A synopsis of our actions is given below.

COVID-19 Prevention and Control within our Training Facilities

The purpose of this document is to provide clear and actionable guidance for safe operations through the prevention, early detection and control of COVID-19 in our Training facilities.

Guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) Key Messages & Actions Basic principles

Following basic principles can help keep Students, Lectures, and other staff (administration, food handlers, etc.) safe at training facilities and help stop the spread of this disease.

Recommendations for healthy training facilities are:

  • Sick students, Lecturers and other staff should not come to the training facilities.

ExVeritas implementation: All students, Lecturers and other staff will have their temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer prior to entry into the training facilities and anyone showing symptoms will be sent home.

  • Training centres should enforce regular hand washing with safe water and soap, alcohol rub/hand sanitizer or chlorine solution and, at a minimum, daily disinfection and cleaning of training school surfaces.

ExVeritas implementation: All students, Lecturers and other staff will be provided with personal hand sanitizer and wipes. Disinfection and cleaning of training school surfaces will be implemented prior to Students attending the training centre and daily (each evening) while training is being undertaken.

  • Training facilities should promote social distancing (a term applied to certain actions that are taken to slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease, including limiting large groups of people coming together).

ExVeritas implementation: The size of classes has been reduced to 6 people (normally class can be up to 12 people) the layout of the training classroom is such that between 2-3 metres separation of students and training staff is maintained. Students will also have the option to use facemasks and gloves if they desire note: this is optional and not a WHO recommendation.

The classroom and other training facility areas have safe distance markings on all floors. All doorways have safe distancing signs displayed.

  • Training facilities shall ensure all food and drink preparation and handling is performed hygienically.

ExVeritas implementation: The students will be provided with individual packed lunches and snacks (normally buffet food is provided) which will be eaten at their desks to maintain safe distancing. All cutlery and plates will be disposable and single-use only. Bottled water will be provided to each student at their desks and hot and cold drinks will be available from vending machines which will be sanitized by the student (wipes provided) after each dispensing.


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