New EN 60079-0:2018 Published

Sep 11, 2018 | Standards Updates

New EN 60079-0:2018 Published

A significant new General Requirements  Standard has been published as a European Standard for ATEX (and IEC 60079-0:2017 for IECEx)

Significant Changes include:

  • Service temp – clarification included that Da and Db equipment needs dust layer applied (if applicable) for service temp determination. Includes clarification that service temp range shall be included in schedule of limitations for Ex components.
  • Max surface temp for Group III. Includes info that Da needs to be tested with a minimum depth of 200mm. Also includes the fact that Db shall not specify a depth greater than 200mm as beyond that depth there is no effect on the surface temp. Also includes an extension that Db equipment with a layer depth, the orientation shall be detailed in the manual and X condition on cert number. Also clarified that for Dc equipment no dust layer required.
  • Includes requirement that any adhesive used to bond a gasket shall be used within its COT and comply with the requirements for a cement.
  • Clarification on RTI figures that may be used. Also includes the 10K margin for EPL Gc or Dc.
  • Test method for a 4kV DC test included.
  • New option added for determination of maximum transferred charge (static)
  • Added limitations for copper in acetylene atmospheres.
  • Added requirements for Gc and Dc plugs and sockets/connectors.
  • New secondary cell types added, lithium cells are broken down into a number of sub divisions now.
  • Alternative marking of EPL’s removed.
  • Additional requirements for instructions for electrical machines added.
  • Additional requirements for cable gland instructions added.
  • Removed from Scope: EHSR’s 1.2.5 (additional means of protection), 1.2.8 (Overload), 1.3.4 (Overheating),1.6.2 9 (Emergency shutdown safety systems) so alternative Standards will need to be listed to cover these items.

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