CompEx Refresher Course Updated

May 23, 2017 | ExVeritas News

CompEx Refresher (Ex F) now includes practical exams

From the 5th of June 2017 the CompEx Refresher has been substantially changed and updated and ExVeritas is now providing a 3 day course to provide more training and accommodate the new practical exams and longer theory exams.

CompEx EX01-04 Certification is only valid for five years from issue. To re-validate your certification for another five years, you must undertake the CompEx Refresher within the initial five year period. Persons whose certificate(s) is no longer current i.e. outside of 5 years must complete their chosen course units again (i.e. a full Ex01-04 course).

The new refresher exams consist of

  • A new installation section test where you will have to select glands, washers, earth tags etc. to build up a compliant installation on a board to match the compex refresherspecification/classification provided.
  • Make off two glands (practically assessed). As with the original EX01-04 you will now be required to select and make off glands to various items of equipment. A qualified CompEx assessor will then check the glands have been correctly installed after the examination has finished.
  • Ex inspection on ‘real’ equipment. No more photographs! Inspection is carried out on real EX equipment with selected faults applied as you would have done on EX01-04.
  • A full 90 minute 60 question on line exam. This is a full knowledge test as you would have been taught on the original EX01-04 but may also include questions on more current standards and requirements.

The ExVeritas CompEx Refresher Courses also include an update on the basic changes in the new EN60079-14:2014 and EN60079-17:2014 and full training over 2 days (with day 3 being all exams) to cover the requirements of the new 90 minute 60 question on line exam.

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