New ‘Ex o’ Standard Published

Jan 14, 2016 | Standards Updates

New Ex o Standard Published

‘Ex o’ now redefined as ‘liquid’ immersion 

A major revision to the ‘Ex o’ Standard (EN/IEC 60079-6:2015) has been published and the scope of the Standard has been revised  to include levels of protection “ob” and “oc”. Significant changes in the new Ex o Standard include:

  • The requirements for oil immersion “o” have been redefined as ‘liquid’ immersion levels of “ob” (for EPL “Mb” or “Gb”) and “oc” (For EPL “Gc”)
  • The ability to protect sparking contacts has been added to both “ob” and “oc”, previously equipment had to be non-ignition capable in normal operation as determined by 60079-15 or 60079-11.
  • The Ex o immersion depths have been revised into a table based on the working voltage, previously there was a blanket minimum of 25mm.
  • Liquid level indication has been expanded to include remote indicating devices and safety devices for level of protection “ob”.
  • Entry to the enclosure has to be via bushings (previously you could use cable glands)
  • Requirements have been included for operating rods and shafts in Ex o.
  • Over pressure test requirements have been revised, a 4x overpressure test is required for some enclosures.
  • Temperature test requirements have been included in addition to those detailed in 60079-0 for “Ex o” equipment with an external load.
  • Requirements for electrical switching tests have been included for equipment containing switching contacts.

Inspectors should also be aware that there are additional ‘inspection’ requirements listed in this standard that are not yet incorporated into EN60079-17.

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