ISO/EN 80079-36 & 37 Final Vote

Nov 23, 2015 | Standards Updates

ISO/EN 80079-36 & 37 in Final Vote

80079-36 & 37 Non-Electrical for ATEX & IECEx published as FDIS

The long awaited international Ex non-electrical standards have now been submitted for final voting, which will conclude January 2016. As these standards are parallel voted and already contain reference to the ATEX EHSR’s it is expected that they will be adopted as ATEX Standards (superseding the EN 13463 series of Standards).

The IECEx Scheme is also ready to issue non-electrical Ex Certification based on the ISO 80079-36 & 37 Standards. This will have a major impact on manufacturers as there will be no self certification route (even for zone 2) an the manufactures will also need to be audited to comply with the Quality System requirements for the manufacturing of Ex equipment (for example, ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011)

The standards are a fairly major overhaul of the existing Standards, replacing many concept codes (c,b and k) with a unified single code ‘Ex h’. Technical, there are some significant changes, the new general requirements (80079-36) has eleven new extensions and the concept standard (80079-37) has nine new extensions.

Changes in a standard classified as ‘extension’ refers to changes regarding the previous standard, which add new or modify existing technical requirements, in a way that new options are given, but without increasing requirements for equipment that was fully compliant with the previous standard. Therefore these ‘extensions’ will not have to be considered for products in conformity with the preceding edition, but will apply to new products certified to these editions.

ExVeritas offer ATEX and IECEx Certification, CompEx Training for people working with non-electrical equipment (CompEx EX11 Mechanical) and specialist training for people Non-electrical Ex equipment Designers. All of our courses include the new ISO 80079-36 & 37 requirements.


New ATEX Non-Electrical Marking

New ATEX Non-Electrical Marking