ExVeritas offer INMETRO Approval

Apr 22, 2015 | ExVeritas News

ExVeritas offer fast and simple INMETRO Approval

ExVeritas have entered into an agreement with an INMETRO Accredited Certification Body in Brazil which allows ExVeritas to provide a unique and simple INMETRO certification route  to our customers.

  • Only one technical evaluation process that can cover at the same time ATEX, IECEx and INMETRO Brazil approval, and
  • Only one audit program that covers the requirements for ATEX Quality Assurance Notifications (QAN), IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR) and INMETRO Ex Quality Approval.

Integrated with the other agreements that ExVeritas already provides, your approval with ExVeritas can cover the ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO and MET (US and Canada) schemes at the same time. You will be working with only one certification provider that can supply approvals that cover Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, Brazil and all the countries that accept IECEx as a standard approval, together with CE Marking and SIL assessments.

Why get INMETRO Certification?

The Latin American region contains some of the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves where Brazil holds a great production of hydro-carbonates products, including exploration, extraction, refining and distribution and has possible the greatest production potential with its vast deepwater hydrocarbon deposits in the Santos and Campos basins. The Latin American region is dominated by National Oil Companies (NOCs) and Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) is the Brazilian NOC and one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world with the following development plan until 2018:

  • Petrobras will invest US$ 220.6 billons until 2018 on development
    • Exploration and Production: US$ 153.9 billons (main investment on pre-salt deposits)
    • Purveyance (distribution, operations and refinery): US$ 38.7 billons
  • Petrobras will be producing 3.2 million of oil barrels per day until 2018
    • 52% of this value is expected from the deposits in the pre-salt

Products for the Brazilian oil and gas market must be certified according to the INMETRO Directive No. 179/2010, this approval is known as “INMETRO Approval”, where INMETRO is the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology and the Accreditor Body for the Brazilian Certification Bodies. INMETRO has adopted the standards from series IEC 60079 as the technical bases for ‘Ex’ products certification in Brazil, it provides that the concepts and design approaches used in the world can be also used in Brazil.

How we achieve INMETRO Certification.

The approval scheme for INMETRO will follow exactly the same technical approach used for IECEx or ATEX Approval and includes the following phases (all provided by ExVeritas). We provide INMETRO Certification for a firm cost and can even convert your instructions/labels to Portuguese when required as we have Brazilian staff!

  1. Design Review
    1. Project previous assessment and test with focus on detecting gaps and non-compliances,
    2. Documents preparation support, assuring that the documents requirements are according to the Ex standards applicable for Ex products,
    3. High specialized support on assessing solutions and possibilities.
  2. Tests and Assessments
    1. Type tests that might cover ATEX, IECEx, MET and now INMETRO provided by only one laboratory,
    2. Non-conformances high specialised support on understanding the standards requirements, root causes and assessing the possible solutions.
  3. Quality Modules Approval
    1. High specialised auditors team,
    2. Capacity and specialization to cover audit programs in a global approach,
    3. One audit program to cover ATEX QAN, IECEx QAR and INMETRO Approval
  4. Reviews and Certification Issuing

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