New Purge Standard IEC 60079-2

Aug 5, 2014 | Standards Updates

IEC 60079-2 Edition 6.0 PublishedIEC 60079-2

IEC 60079-2 Edition 6.0 has been published and contains many changes and clarifications including:

  • IEC 60079-2 has expanded its scope to include requirements for pressurized equipment for installation in hazardous areas containing combustible dust
  • Included requirements for design and testing of equipment with type of protection Ex “pxb” Ex “pyb” and Ex “pzc”, incorporating the concepts of EPL
  • Requirements were revised to show that the purge is not required for combustible dust atmospheres
  • Removed the test to verify the ability of the pressurized enclosure to limit the internal pressure
  • Included new requirements for accumulators and batteries to be installed inside enclosures with Ex protection “pxb” Ex “pyb” and Ex “pzc”
  • Included requirement of independent shielding gas systems where there is a pressurized enclosure installed inside a pressurized casing etc.

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