New Flameproof Ex d Standard

Jul 11, 2014 | Standards Updates

New Flameproof Ex d Standard

IEC Edition 7.0 of IEC 60079-1 – Explosive atmospheres Part 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures “d” was published in 06/2014

This International Standard specifies the construction requirements, materials, test requirements and acceptance criteria for design, manufacture, testing and certification of this equipment for installation in explosive flammable gases. Many technical amendments that have been incorporated in this new edition of IEC 60079-1 7.0 in 2014 compared to 6.0 edition, published in 2007, including:Flameproof

  • Removal of the reference to the publication of IEC 60079-0 (Ex Equipment – General Requirements)
  • Included requirements for the level of equipment protection EPL Ga flameproof
  • Included requirements for the protection level of protection equipment EPL Gc flameproof
  • Included limitations of materials for environments containing acetylene
  • Included additional requirements for flameproof enclosures containing internal source of release
  • Included new requirements for engines with enclosures Ex “d” flameproof driven by frequency converters
  • Included requirements for non-metallic enclosures, with reference to IEC 60079-7
  • Included requirements torque values for tightening of bolted parts

It is likely that this standard will soon be adopted as an ATEX Standard and Ex d manufacturers should be aware of the significant changes to the flameproof standard.

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