Advanced Ex inspection system updated

Jun 9, 2014 | ExVeritas News

Major Ex Inspection System Update

The worlds most advanced Ex Inspection System gets even smarter

We have just completed a number of very useful updates to the iEx system including a standalone version of the main iEx software (for people who prefer not to use ‘cloud based’ services) and a version of the Android inspection software that can be used without the main iEx system (just download, hit ‘log in as guest’ and start inspecting, no synchronisation required.) The next major version of iEx will include tools for carrying out or checking ‘area classification’ to EN/IEC60079-10 and tools for checking safety systems (SIL) including failure mode analysis and MTBF.

Intelligent Ex Inspection Information Fields

Automatically ‘greys out’ import options not required for the area (for example, doesn’t request dust classification data if gas only area selected). This is also reflected on the tablet devices. Added an option to have an area defined as having no flammable materials. This is useful for the following:

  • EX InspectionAssociated Apparatus (for example i.s. barriers located in the safe area) can be entered.
  • Areas with unknown area classification can be created and equipment entered, at a later stage if the appropriate classification is entered the software will flag any unsuitable equipment.
  • Skids and portable equipment that can be moved to any location can use this entry method, the software will generate an ‘assembly code’ to determine suitability for movement/installation or the final classification (or blanket area scope needed) can be added.
  • Customers who prefer route based inspection that don’t want the software to check the equipment against the required classification and scope (manual system).

Analytics for Ex Inspection trend analysisEx Inspection

Increased Analytics options to include selective comparisons so that trend analysis can be conducted.

Flexible Ex inspection questions import and export

Added ability to Import Inspection Questions from a spreadsheet to rapidly update inspection capability, to address new standards or to deploy to hand held devices remotely ensuring all necessary inspections are up to date and captured.

  • 60079-17: 2014 Ex Inspections created for customer importEx Inspection
  • Non-electrical questions created for customer import
  • Diesel Engine created for customer import

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added by the user, these fields can be user named and appear throughout the system (including synchronised with hand held devices) once set up in Administration mode.

New Version of iEx ‘Stand Alone’

  • Runs on Windows (not Cloud Based)
  • Sync can be by USB, SD CARD import or Wifi as preferred.

New Version of Ex Inspection Android Application

  • Can be run from install without a cloud based synchronisation on log in (standalone). Collected data can be synchronised with iEx at a later time by import.
  • Smart Bar code reader functions:
    • If a new bar code is scanned (not in the system) the ‘add new equipment’ screen is brought up with the new number inserted
    • If an existing bar code is scanned, the ‘inspection’ window for the equipment is brought up ready to inspect
  • Changes to data windows to align with main iEx system and speed up data entry.

Full details on the iEx Inspection System can be found on the dedicated Ex Inspection Site

If you would like to demo the system or would like more information please contact us with your company name and details.


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