Free FlamCal ‘Android’ Application

by | Feb 3, 2014 | ExVeritas News

FlamCal for Android – Flammable Facts!Flammable

Free Android ATEX and IEC Flammable Properties Calculator

This Android application will allow the user to select a gas or vapour to determine the physical and flammable properties that may be required for ATEX or IECEx equipment selection or area classification. Hundreds of common flammable gases are available for selection and the properties calculated include: ATEX and IEC gas group & temperature classification, Flashpoint, UEL and LEL, ignition temperature and lighter or heavier than air indication for area classification.

To download this free tool, simply visit the Android App store or click this link

You can watch a short video of how to use FlamCal for determining Flammable Properties by clicking here

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