General Requirements Update

Mar 11, 2013 | Standards Updates

BS EN 60079-0:2012 Explosive Atmospheres Equipment General requirements UpdateExplosive Atmospheres Equipment

Explosive Atmospheres Equipment General Requirements have been updated. This is the most significant equipment certification Standard as it is used with all electrical concepts. The more significant changes are listed below for your convenience, the items listed bold may require products to be retested or evaluated by a certification body.

  • A significantly more restrictive capacitance test.
  • The “charging test” for non-metallic enclosures has been removed.
  • Cell Voltages:  Some equipment relying on energy limitation  may need to be re-evaluated.
  • An alternative qualification method for O-rings
  • Materials to UL 746C are considered adequate for resistance to UV light
  • The clauses on electrostatic properties have been reworked
  • Electrostatic consideration to both painted and coated metal surfaces.
  • Isolated accessible conductive parts on non-conductive enclosures requirements
  • Disconnectors: The absolute requirement for interlocking is mitigated.
  • Plugs and Sockets: The arbitrary voltage and current limits have been removed and replaced by a test.
  • Instructions: Additional specific requirements for electrical machines and ventilating fans

What is BS EN 60079-0 about?

BS EN 60079-0 sets out the general electrical safety requirements for the construction, testing and marking of electrical equipment and Ex components that are used in explosive atmospheres. It also covers classification systems and can be used during type, impact, thermal, environmental and mechanical testing. This part of the BS EN  60079 series and other supporting standards specify additional test requirements for equipment operating outside the standard temperature range. But further additional consideration and additional testing may be required for equipment operating outside the standard atmospheric pressure range and standard oxygen content.

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