IECEx Assemblies

IECEx Assemblies and Non-ElectricalIECEx Assemblies

Certified IECEx Assemblies and non-electrical IECEx Certification

IECEx Certification provides “proof of compliance” with safety standards for Assemblies of Ex products that come together in the form of functioning equipment. The IECEx Unit Verification Certificate  provides evidence that certain key requirements of the Installation Standard IEC 60079-14 have been met when dealing with the installation of Ex equipment in assemblies (such as use and installation of the correct equipment, cable, bonding etc.)

The final assembly will be marked with a single marking covering the complete assembly or skid including the symbol “Ex” and any important information regarding the safe use of the assembly. The Certificate issued will also reference this overall label for the assembly as a functioning product. The IECEx Certificate of Conformity for Certified IECEx Assemblies, Rigs and Skids is ‘unit verification’, that means each item must be inspected by ExVeritas and will be listed on the IECEx Certificate by serial number, the manufacturer can not make further units without the units being verified by ExVeritas.

CYMK Product CertificationExVeritas can issue IECEx Unit Verification Certification, we have a team of experts in both IECEx Certification (as we are an IECEx Certification Body and Test Laboratory) and a team of experts that deal with site and assemblies, having in depth experience of area classification and electrical installation. Unit Verification is based on  installation to IEC 60079-14, we are not just qualified and UKAS accredited to 60079-14, we are the leading certification experts in that field (and teach and qualify people to that Standard internationally at our recognised training centres)

IECEx Assemblies requirements

Typical items to be considered when evaluating Ex assemblies for compliance by ExVeritas with the relevant requirements of IEC 60079-14 shall include, as a minimum:

  1. That the applicant for IECEx  Certificate of Conformity has clearly identified the EPL or intended zone location for the Ex equipment, along with the overall T rating (including information on multiple EPLs or zones, if relevant).
  2. A Bill of Materials, assembly drawings or similar methods of defining the items of equipment and materials comprising the final Ex equipment assembly.
  3. Items of Ex equipment that comprise the Ex assembly are to be covered by an IECEx CoC or shall be individually assessed by the ExCB and its associated ExTL for compliance with the relevant IEC standard(s) for that Ex protection (for Example, ATEX equipment may be suitable if it is Notified Body Certified)
  4. The Ex protection of each item of Ex equipment comprising the Ex assembly shall be suitable for the declared EPL
  5. The T rating of each item of Ex equipment and its Grouping comprising the  IECEx Assemblies shall be suitable for the overall declared T rating
  6. Any completed cabling between individual equipment in the assembly shall be appropriate and in accordance with IEC 60079-14 and that it shall be provided with appropriate (and correctly assembled) cable entry devices. Note that cabling external to the IECEx Assemblies  is not included.
  7. Other requirements from IEC 60079-14 that are relevant to the particular equipment, for example that the mounting of flameproof enclosures takes account of the minimum obstruction distances for flange gaps in accordance with IEC 60079-14
  8. The final assembly shall be provided with the required documents such as the instructions for use according to Clause 30 of IEC 60079-0.
  9. Ensure that all specific conditions of safe use/schedule of limitations of Certificates covering Ex equipment comprising the Ex assembly have been considered. Details of the evaluation of the above items shall be recorded in the report as referenced within the IECEx Certificate of Conformity for the IECEx Assemblies.

 For further detail on IECEx Assemblies, Skids and Rigs certification, please contact us.