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ExVeritas is a UKAS accredited Certification Body and Test Laboratory. We are also an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body to provide internationally recognised safety and certification services including IECEx, ATEX, CE Marking (including full EMC test facilities) and Quality System Certification. We also offer accredited explosive atmosphere training such as CompEx and site safety consultancy on DSEAR, area classification, design, installation, Ex inspection and risk assessment.

Ex Certification

UK ATEX Notified Body,  IECEx Certification Body and IECEx Test Laboratory with ‘CE’ testing and  global  Ex Certification. We also certify QMS such as ISO9001:2015 and ATEX/IECEx Quality.


Turnkey DSEAR  including Area Classification and Explosion Risk Assesment.  Ex Equipment Inspections with free iEx Inspection Software. Plant and Equipment Safety with PUWER

CompEx Training

The UK’s most comprehensive range of CompEx and Specialist high level Ex Training delivered by very experienced practitioners. Extensive range of courses, 2017 schedule on line

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ExVeritas is a multi award winning company with a proven track record of delivering word class certification, consultancy and training. Please view our recent  customer feedback or contact us to talk with a technical expert immediately.

ExVeritas are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO/IEC 17065 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service who are the sole national accreditation body recognised by the UK Government.

We are also an IECEx accredited Certification Body (IECEx CB) and Test Laboratory (IECEx TL) . IECEx is an International Certification Scheme and is used as the gateway to many international approvals including North America, Brazil, Korea and Russia. ExVeritas Singapore offer local testing and certification in Singapore and Asia.

ExVeritas are an accredited CompEx provider with practical training centers in the UK, Ireland  and Malta and the ability to deliver our training globally.

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Popular Frequently Asked Questions

We would need quite a lot more information to provide an accurate quote and timescale, you can find information on what we need and the application form 

This ensures we have the correct scope for the project to provide the most accurate firm cost and timescale.

If you do not understand the terms of the certification requires or have not deigned the product to the Standards listed in the certification requires you should consider an Ex Certification Review.

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Typically, a certification project will be around £6-8K for Zone 2 and £8-12K GBP for Zone 0/1 and take around 8-12 weeks, but that is very ball-park. A complicated intrinsic safety project can cost over 40K and take 6-12 months or more depending on the amount of analysis and testing required.

IECEx certification can be added for a small additional cost


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For Zone 0 or Zone 1 (Category 1 and 2) electrical certification requires a ‘Quality Audit’ of the Manufacturer to issue a Manufacturing licence (ATEX Quality Module). This is annual and is based on ISO9000 type Quality systems/audits and typically costs around £2K if you have an accredited ISO9001 and are just building a few concepts.

If you don’t have an accredited ISO9001 or use many concepts it can cost more.

Unit Verification is also available, but this requires each unit to be inspected and listed by serial number on the certificate.


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The most important thing is the quote request is what zone/category and what ‘concept’ is the product designed to (for example, Ex d or Ex i.a.). If the product hasn’t been specifically designed to an ATEX Standard, If you have not designed your product to an ATEX or IEC Ex Standard ten you should consider starting with a design review 

It can save you a lot of time and money as there is little point starting a certification project if the product doesn’t comply with the Standards we will test and assess against.

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To do this you must be working with the OEMs approval and cooperation.

For the ATEX Certification label (with the code and certificate number on etc) it is mandatory that the manufacturers name and address be on the label.

For ATEX (and IECEx) the manufacturer is the person who has the QAN/QAR for the product (they are the responsible company f0or quality, even if the parts/product is bought in from another manufacturer)

You can duel label a product (ATEX/IECEx only control the certification label, not other labels applied to a product)

You cannot remove the certification label, or have a different manufacturer on the certification label (the manufacturer must have the Type |Approval Certificate and QAN/QAR)

If companies want to re-badge completely (remove the OEM) then normally get a certificate in their name (paperwork exercise as it’s based on their OEM certificated) and a QAN/QAR in their name (again, simple process as they are only ‘re-labelling’)

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