Why use an Accredited Body?

Why use a UKAS Accredited Inspection Body and Certification Body?

Selecting an accredited organisation is an essential tool for decision-making and risk management, You can save time and money by selecting an accredited and therefore competent supplier.

Using an accredited body to carry out an independent evaluation helps demonstrate due diligence in the event of legal action.

Accreditation to internationally recognised standards can provide a competitive advantage and facilitate access to export markets within the EU and beyond. When you take your ISO9001, Ex Inspection or Ex Test Report to China, Japan, Korea etc, will it be acceptable?

There are still many Certification Bodies (some of them even Notified for ATEX) that have no internationally recognised accreditation, so when customers take the reports or to certificates to other countries they are not being accepted.

ExVeritas have UKAS (Government Recognised and ILAC) Accreditation for all of our key services.