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 August 2014 Newsletter


New Ex Standards Update

There have been a number of interesting and perhaps even controversial ATEX and IEC Standards published in the last quarter, we have highlighted two them below, but we also have a new Inspection Standard (EN60079-17:2014), a new dust certification standard ‘t’ with significant updates and several new standards pending issue (including the new Area Classification Standard). We also have the new ATEX Directive in 2016 and many changes to the common CE Marking Directives that normally accompany ATEX (Electrical Safety, EMC etc.)

It can be difficult for manufacturers  to keep up with all of the changes, so ExVeritas will continue to offer our popular FREE update training, please ensure you have subscribed at www.exveritas.com to be first to know when we publish the next list of dates, places fill up fast!


New Ex Installation Standard

After a great deal of debate, the new Hazardous Area Installation Standard EN60079-14:2014 has been issued and is published as an IEC and EN Standard. As a BS EN Standard there is a rather unusual section essentially saying that although the Standard is published, the UK takes issue with certain parts/changes!

  • New Protection Concepts updates
  • New Installation tests (restricted breathing on cables etc.)
  • Different Ex d Barrier Gland requirements
  • New Information on RF devices
  • New Intrinsic Safety Requirements

Installation and Inspection 2014 Update Training


New Flameproof Ex d Standard

Many technical amendments that have been incorporated in this new edition of IEC 60079-1 7.0 in 2014 compared to 6.0 edition, published in 2007. ExVeritas have an explosion test facility for ATEX, IECEx and North American Standards.

  • Level of equipment protection EPL Ga flameproof (Zone 0 Ex d)
  • Level of protection equipment EPL Gc flameproof (Zone 2 Ex d)
  • Additional requirements for flameproof enclosures containing internal source of release
  • New requirements for Ex “d” flameproof driven by frequency converters
  • Requirements torque values ​​for tightening of bolted parts

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PrintExVeritas CompEx Training

ExVeritas has become a licenced CompEx Training Centre and is only one of two CompEx Training Centres worldwide that can offer the new CompEx Unit (Ex12) ‘’Explosive Atmospheres – Application Design Engineer for Professional Engineers’’, the first Nationally recognised course that completes the safety linkage across the lifecycle of the hazardous area workplace from design through plant commissioning and operation.

Our Courses are presented by Mr Peter Roberts, who has over 30 years’ experience in this field including 10 years teaching CompEx courses and participating in CompEx working groups (including assisting with the development of Ex12). Peter has ensured that the course fully addresses the designer’s requirements, with one full day in intrinsically safe systems and information on the updates in the new 2014 Installation and Inspection Standards. Sean Clarke, Managing Director of ExVeritas, stated ‘We are delighted to have Peter presenting what must be the most technically challenging applications engineers course, his vast experience and enthusiasm for the subject ensures all delegates leave with a very thorough understanding of the subject matter’.

ExVeritas also offer CompEx Foundation Courses and the Ex01-04 Refresher Courses together with specialist non-CompEx courses on subjects such as intrinsically safe design to ATEX gas turbine and engine safety.

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ExVeritas offer North American Hazardous Location Approvalhazloc

For North American listing (certification) testing is carried out against the relevant UL and/or CSA listed standard for your product type. This type of testing can only be conducted by an approved test body (NRTL or SCC approval laboratory). ExVeritas is an audited and approved third party test laboratory with MET Lab which entitles ExVeritas to conduct testing in the UK for MET certification under the NRTL and SCC schemes.

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The New ATEX Directive Published

The New ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU has been published ready for implementation in 2016. All ATEX Notified Body’s will be required to be reassessed for notification to the new Directive.

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Ex Inspection System Update

We have just completed a number of very useful updates to the iEx system including a standalone version of the main iEx software (for people who prefer not to use ‘cloud based’ services) and a version of the Android inspection software that can be used without the main iEx system (just download, hit ‘log in as guest’). The next major version of iEx will include tools for carrying out or checking ‘area classification’ to EN/IEC60079-10 and tools for checking safety systems (SIL) including failure mode analysis and MTBF.

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Free Android ATEX Application

The ‘FlamCal’ Android application will allow the user to select a gas or vapour to determine the physical and flammable properties that may be required for ATEX or IECEx equipment selection or area classification. Hundreds of common flammable gases are available for selection and the properties calculated include: ATEX and IEC gas group & temperature classification, Flashpoint, UEL and LEL, ignition temperature and lighter or heavier than air indication for area classification.

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About ExVeritas

ExVeritas provides safety and certification services including IECEx, ATEX and North American Certification. We also offer ‘CE’ testing, training, consultancy and site safety services such as Area Classification, Ex Inspection and Risk Assessment. ExVeritas are accredited and recognised as leading experts in explosion prevention, with knowledge accumulated from thousands of successful ATEX, IEC, NEC, CE and DSEAR projects.

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