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ATEX, DSEAR & Plant Safety

ATEX and DSEAR Assemblies and Plant

It can be very difficult to decide who to partner when you are trying to achieve ATEX 137 or DSEAR site compliance. The most important factor when selecting a consultant is ‘relevant experience’ (in both your industry and DSEAR) and professional credibility. We can issue fully Accredited Certificates for the risk assessment, area classification and inspection of sites, rigs and skids. We have been doing this for over 25 years and have an enviable track record in achieving requisite levels of safety on budget and with a minimum of disturbance to working processes.

Download a short PDF overview of our services for site safety.
If you would like us to audit and review your current status against the ATEX137 or DSEAR Legislation (and HSE Code of Practice), we have a highly effective ‘DSEAR Gap Analysis’ which normally only requires one day at your site. Please click here for further details.

ATEX, DSEAR and Hazardous Area Site Services

ExVeritas provide the following services for sites with flammable atmospheres:

Our DSEAR and Hazardous Area Experience

Our Consultants have significant DSEAR and ATEX project and engineering experience in the following fields, and have worked extensively Europe, the Middle East, United States, Canada and Singapore including offshore certification, verification and commissioning.

  • Oils and Gas drilling and refining (on and off shore)DSEAR
  • Drilling and Pipe Handling Equipment
  • FSPO’s & Refineries
  • Gas Turbines (packaged and Power Station)
  • Power Stations (Coal and Gas)
  • Engine Testing (Car and Aircraft)
  • Paint Spraying
  • Packaged Engines for explosive atmospheres
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pressurised Control Rooms (TVR’s and EN60079-13)
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Distilleries
  • Warehousing of Dangerous Substances
  • Fuel Farms
  • Food Manufacturing (dusts)
  • Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Airports & Aviation (refuelling and repair)
  • Weapons Systems
  • Water Treatment and Sewerage
  • Medical (DNA splicing etc.)
  • Hydrogen Cells and Refuelling
  • Garage Forecourts
  • Printing

Confidence in our services

We have PI and PL Insurance specifically for Explosive Atmosphere Consultancy and have an extensive and impressive track record of successfully completed projects. References are always available and you can view recent customer feedback on our services here.
ExVeritas consultants are verified experts in the field of Explosion Protection as required by the ATEX/DSEAR Directive for EPD Sign off.