Intrinsic Safety For Product Designers

Intrinsic Safety Design Training

Intrinsic safety training for ‘product’ designers

Intrinsic Safety Design TrainingThis 3 day Intrinsic Safety Design Training course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing intrinsically safe equipment or brush up on their knowledge of this complicated subject and perhaps learn some new methods of achieving safety. The presenter has conducted or checked hundreds of intrinsically safe projects and has ‘real world’ experience with both design and certification of intrinsically safe equipment.

Why use us for intrinsic safety design training?
The course is run by a specialist with 25 years experience with ‘Ex’ and Intrinsic Safety Design and Certification. The presenter has completed thousands of ATEX projects including prototype design, manufacture and problem solving. Intrinsic safety training will teach you how to design and document effectively, get certification faster and achieve more ‘flexible’ certification globally. As an ATEX/IECEx test laboratory and ATEX Certification Body, we can also demonstrate tests and verification methods, a unique feature of this course.

”This is a great course and unique of its kind. I can recommend this course to every designer.”  John K. O.  Pedersen, Senior RF Engineer, Motorola Solutions.

”The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable with over 25 years of experience in the industry, and the subject matter was immediately applicable to my project.”  James Wightman, Principal Electrical Engineer  PMP

The Presenter The intrinsic safety design training  is presented by a Chartered Electronics Engineer with 25 years experience in this field and is one of the UK’s leading experts in this field. As an ATEX Notified Body owner and current practitioner in this field (with Design experience), you can be assured that the content is relevant and applied with a practical bias.

Cost: £2200 +VAT per person, includes notes, software, lunch & refreshments.  (open, limited to 8 people) or quoted per company.

2019 Course Dates

4th – 8th March & 9th – 13th September 2019

Intrinsic Safety Training Course Syllabus

Intrinsic safety design training for designers and certification engineers

Day 1

  • Introduction and Overview of Competence Requirements
  • Deriving the required level of safety (area classification, EPL) for i.a, i.b. and i.c.
  • Explosion Properties and Terminology required for intrinsic safety
  • Review of Ignition Assessment (EN1127) and other concepts and methods commonly used with intrinsic safety (potting and enclosure methods)
  • Intrinsically Safe ‘Certification’ and Certification Schemes (ATEX, IECEx, NEC500 & 505)
  • Quality Requirements for Intrinsic Safety (QAR, QAN, FUS) for post certification manufacture

Day 2

  • Intrinsic safety overview. (A complete overview of the entire subject and how it all ‘works together’ before moving on to the detail with ‘i.c.’ specific issues and relaxations)
  • Intrinsically Safe Systems Overview (cables, barriers and earthing)
  • Power Supply Assessment (Calculations, matched power, batteries including test demonstration)
  • Energy storage (assessment of capacitance and inductance, methods of reducing energy or permitting more energy, design methods, tricks and tips used by experts, spark testing)

Day 3

  • Use of safety components (zener shunt, diodes for blocking and inductance control, resistors with capacitance) and safety component rating and de-rating (zeners).
  • Separation & Segregation (Creepgage, clearance, tracks, encapsulation, CTI)
  • Thermal Assessment (small component rules, thermal calculations, potting, testing)
  • Advanced Topics – Transient Analysis, SCR circuits (active voltage and current clamping)
  • Worked examples on a real project created for this course (delegate participation)

Free Intrinsic Safety Assessment Software

All delegates on our intrinsic safety training course will receive a free licence for ExVeritas unique on line intrinsic safety assessment tool.

Intrinsic Safety assesmenti.s. assesment

Competence Certification

An Course Attendance Certificate for the Intrinsic Safety Training is issued to all delegates. An accredited ‘Certificate of Competence in Intrinsically Safe Design’ is available in addition to the Intrinsic Safety Training, to obtain this certification, two completed projects (design or certification) are checked by our experienced and qualified intrinsic safety certification Engineers, there is an additional charge of £1200 for project checking, feedback and issue of the accredited certification with a CPD evidence file sighed by a Chartered Engineer.

Please Contact us to book a place on the Course  or click here and select the training button to get a quote for Intrinsic Safety Training at your location.