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Ex Inspection Management For Responsible People

shutterstock_100732288 (1)Course Synopsis
This 3 day course looks at the specialist activity of planning and implementing Ex Inspections. It covers the basic inspection requirements for Close, Visual and Detailed to IEC/EN60079-14 and IEC/EN60079-17 , but also covers the specific testing requirements using measurement instruments or functionally testing and monitoring equipment. The course covers how to inspect, how to determine the level and frequency of inspection, scheduling and prioritising remedial work and use of software tools and databases for failure and trend analysis (to feedback in to the next equipment schedule and type).
This course would be sutable for the people who determine:

  • What type of inspections need to be done, the locations and the frequency (based on analysis of the last inspection or risk assessment for a new site)
  • Who can conduct the inspection (contractor competence, staff training and experience etc.)
  • The maintenance plan and schedule (prioritisation) post inspections to allow the plant to restart/continue to run safely
  • Creating the next inspection schedule based on an analysis of the results from the last inspection (the effectiveness of the inspections)

On this course you will be taught the inspection and testing requirements of IEC/EN60079-14 and learn how to apply IEC/EN60079-17, how often to schedule, what type of inspection and when you should lower or raise inspection frequencies or severities. Particular emphasis is put on the analysis of inspection data for determining schedules , remedial action prioritisation and replacement equipment selection.
About ExVeritas
This course is run by a company that is a DSEAR Site Safety Specialists who have also developed Ex asset management software and risk analysis tools . We are an ATEX Notified Body, an IECEx Certification Body and licenced CompEx Centre.
Course Lecturers
Mr Peter Roberts, who has worked as a duty holder/responsible person in industry and has over 30 years’ experience in this field including 10 years teaching CompEx courses and participating in CompEx working groups.
Mr Sean Clarke CEng MSc has over 25 years experience in this field  including many specialist courses such as risk assessment and reduction (getting to ALARP) and area classification. A Chartered Electrical Engineer, Mr Clarke has a vast depth of knowledge in this area and is the issuing signatory for an ATEX Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body.
Target Audience
This course is aimed at people who require the skills to become Ex Installation Specialists, Inspection Managers and Team Leaders. Some prior knowledge of Ex Equipment is assumed.
Ex Inspection Management Course Syllabus

  • Overview of Explosive Atmospheres- explosions and case studies
  • Terminology explanations (ATEX Marking etc.)
  • Area Classification for Inspection Engineers
  • Explosion Protection Levels (categories and EPL) & Protection Concepts
  • Management tools and methodologies for Inspection Management
    • Assessing Competence
    • Risk Assessment
    • Auditing
    • Calibration and Safety Devices (trips and test intervals)
  • Ex Inspection requirements covering cable glands and all protection concepts
  • Ex Inspection ‘test’ requirements including tests, trips and purge operation (working purge equipment for testing)
  • Determining inspection frequency and type (IEC60079-17)
  • Ex Inspection covering close, visual and detailed inspections for all concepts
  • Analysing and acting on Ex Inspection data (including EI Guidance on Managing Ex Inspection)
    • Environmental factors
    • Understanding Risk based approaches
    • Assigning fault codes and actions
    • Appropriate Maintenance and feedback to the ‘system’
  • Example Ex Database Management (Analysis, Schedule and Remedial)

Cost: £750 + VAT per person, includes lunch and refreshments
Dates: 5th-7th April & 16th-18 August 2016
This is a 3 day course with examination that will be marked and appraised for competence certification in this field.Comp Verified
Two written examinations, one of inspection, one on management, scheduling and analysis.
Ex Installation and Inspection Certification
On successful assessment of knowledge and skills a Certificate of Competence will be issued in ‘Conducting, Planning & Management of Ex  Inspection’
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