ATEX Turbines and Engines

ATEX and Turbines and Engines Safety

Practical ATEX Turbines & Engines Design and Approval

Course Synopsis
This three day course is designed for manufacturers and users of ATEX or Ex (Explosive Atmosphere) gas turbines, liquid fuel turbines or ATEX diesel engines (or anyone who designs or operates to ISO 21789:2009).
Why Our Course?
The ATEX Turbines  course is run by former ATEX Notified Body and DSEAR Site Safety Specialists, who have worked on most types of  atex gas turbines and with most uses of turbine. We are ‘real world’ experienced in both turbines, ATEX diesel engines and ATEX/IEC.
The Presenter
The ATEX Turbines and Engines Course presenter is an Engineer with 25 years experience in this field and is one of the UK’s leading experts in this field. As a current practitioner in this field you can be assured that the content is relevant and applied with a practical bias.
Cost: £1595 +VAT per person, includes lunch & refreshments. (Open) or quoted per company bespoke.
Dates:  TBA

ATEX Turbines and Engines

  • Overview and update on the legal, commercial and technical aspects of ATEX Gas TurbinesATEX Turbines
  • How ATEX Turbines  use ISO 21789:2009 (The new Gas Turbine Safety Standard)
  • How ATEX Works for liquid fuel Engines and hybrids
  • How ATEX fits in with the Machinery Directive
  • Required Documents for ATEX
  • Gas explosion overview, research and case studies for the gas turbine Industry
  • Risk Assessment and Consequence Analysis
  • ATEX Turbines Area Classification
  • Risk Reduction (gas detection, joints, construction)
  • ATEX Turbines Mitigation & Safety Systems (SIL)
  • Mechanical and Electrical ATEX Protection Concepts
  • ATEX Self Certification
  • ATEX Codes, Concepts and Specifications
  • ATEX Protection Concepts, ‘Assemblies’ (Rigs and Skids) and Installations

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I attended ATEX course for ATEX Turbines together with my colleagues, during the development stage of new product for the European market. It was one of the most useful courses for all of us. Deep experience, professional approach and the lecturer endeavoured to meet our special. All of this convinced us that ExVeritas was the right choice.

J.Horvath, Mechanical Engineer  OPRA Turbines B.V.

Everyone who attended the course felt that it was very informative, appropriately structured, and presented in a very clear, knowledgeable, and thorough manner.  One of the main aspects that was appreciated by all who attended was how flexible the lecturers were whilst presenting, with respect to discussing specific ATEX issues that had been experienced by individuals on various occasions.  The content of the presentation provided, and the discussions on other ATEX matters, left us with a much clearer and wider knowledge of ATEX as a whole, and specifically gas turbine applications.

Steven Richards, Electrical Engineer, Centrax Gas Turbine Division