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Open and bespoke Ex, DSEAR & ATEX Training

ExVeritas have significant experience with ATEX Training (our four lecturers all have 25 years experience each in this field). Our courses contain the latest information delivered by ‘practitioners’  who can draw from practical experience to keep the course interesting, relevant and practical.  The open courses are delivered at our in-house training facility near Chester and Wrexham, full joining instructions will be provided on booking.

We have a comfortable air-conditioned lecture room with HD projectors and audio and up-to-date practical facilities mirroring the requirements of the latest editions of the Standards. We offer hot and/or cold food at lunchtimes and complimentary hot drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi throughout your visit

We can accept bookings with a Purchase Order (companies), Bacs and Credit Card Payments.

Please Contact us to book a place on the Course  or click here and select the training button to get a quote for training at your location

Open Specialist Courses

Ex Certification for Product Manufactures

This 2 day Ex Certification Training course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing and certifying ‘Ex’ equipment or brush up on their knowledge of this complicated subject. Covering the latest editions of the Standards and new EPLs such as ‘ec’, ‘db’ and ic the course will help manufacturers understand the process of certification and their role within that process. Making the correct application, selecting the correct design standards, samples and drawings are all covered in this comprehensive 2-day course.

2020 Course dates: 21st – 22nd July
Cost: £850.00 +VAT

Intrinsically Safe Circuit Design

This 2-day introduction to Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing intrinsically safe equipment or brush up on their knowledge of this complicated subject and perhaps learn some new methods of achieving safety. The presenter has conducted or checked hundreds of intrinsically safe projects and has ‘real world’ experience with both design and certification of intrinsically safe equipment.

with free intrinsic safety assessment software.

2020 Course dates: 23rd – 24th March and 21st – 22nd September

Cost: £1,200.00 + VAT. We offer a 10% discount on the cost when both the Introductory and Advanced courses are booked as a 5-day course.

Advanced Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design 

This course is for Engineers who wish to master designing intrinsically safe equipment and learn some new methods of achieving safety used in the latest editions of the intrinsically safe standard for high power and non-linear devices. The classes are based on a number of ‘hands-on’ exercises with full worked solutions and assumes a prior Knowledge of basic intrinsic safety.  The exercises are based on real case examples covering all relevant aspects of the standard. The workshop will include 20 exercises with full explanations and where appropriate advanced tools/spreadsheets and samples/datasheets will be provided.

with free intrinsic safety assessment software.

2020 Course dates: 25th – 27th March and 23rd – 25th September

Cost: £2,800.00 + VAT. We offer a 10% discount on the cost when both the Introductory and Advanced courses are booked as a 5-day course.

Intrinsic Safety for System Designers

This 3-day Intrinsic Safety System Designer Training Course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing intrinsically safe systems using certified barriers and simple or certified apparatus. With knowledge of i.s. system design, Engineers can build control and monitoring equipment in virtually any zone without needing to get the system re-certified. The only requirement for an i.s. system designer is ‘verified competence’ and this course delivers the knowledge and skills verification necessary for core competence in intrinsically safe system design.

2020 Course dates: 16th – 18th June

Cost: £1,800.00 + VAT.

Advanced Inspector Certification

This four-day course is intended to give an in-depth awareness to the candidate with regards to explosive atmospheres formed by gases, vapours, mists and combustible dust. It covers an analysis of the inspection and maintenance methodology associated with electrical and non-electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.  As the persons attending the course are experienced electrical inspectors or at an equivalent senior level, the course covers the basic and more in-depth elements of inspection, testing and maintenance requirements of IEC 60079-17.

2020 Course dates: 17th -20th February

Cost: £1,200.00 + VAT.

ExH Non-Electrical for Designers

Covering the design, test and assessment requirements for ‘Ex h’ Certification under ATEX and IECEx, with free Ex h mechanical design software.

2020 Course dates: 6th – 7th May and 10th – 11th November

Cost: £1,250.00 + VAT

Site Explosion Safety Implementation

Covering ATEX137/DSEAR, Consequence Analysis (for EPL), Area Classification, Ignition Risk Assessment and Reduction

2020 Course dates: 26th – 28th May

Cost: £1,800.00 + VAT

iEx Inspection Software Training

This one day course has been developed for people who use iEx Inspection software but may also be useful for people who wish to know more about Ex Inspection and Asset Management software tools and methodologies.

2020 Course dates: Please enquire for dates
Cost: £299.00 + VAT

CompEx Courses

ExVeritas is a licenced CompEx Training Centre. Please click here to see our range of CompEx Certified Courses

ATEX or Bespoke Training at your location

Have a number of people in your company requiring Training? Bespoke ATEX Training may be the most cost-effective solution.

All courses can be combined and made bespoke for non-open courses, we often run small classes for just five or six people from the same company, it’s a great way to learn and is focused on your products or site! By analysing your company needs, culture and environment we can dramatically reduce the course durations and maximise retention of information. Our trainers have personally delivered ATEX and DSEAR training to the worlds leading Blue Chip companies, our training is truly bespoke and delivered by experts. All of our courses are customised to your exact needs prior to delivery.

We have run many bespoke training courses on specialist subjects including:

  • Gas Turbine Safety
  • IP15 and SR25 for area classification
  • Ex Self Certification
  • Functional Safety and Safety System Design

Complete an online quote application form for training courses at your location or block bookings.

Project-Based ATEX Training

A Unique ‘hybrid’ service offered by ExVeritas. Do you have a project that needs completing, perhaps a re-design or initial design of an ATEX Product or an explosion safety review? Why not combine expert help, training and a completed project signed off by experts?

This service has many benefits and is a very cost-effective method of receiving ‘on the job’ training and CPD whilst completing real work that benefits your company. Each project is totally customised to your needs addressing both the expected project outcome and the learning needs of the client. Both training and project certification can be issued.