Intrinsic Safety for System Designers

Intrinsic Safety System Designer TrainingIntrinsic Safety System Designer Training

System Designers Competence Certification


This 3 day Intrinsic Safety System Designer Training Course is ideal for Engineers who wish to start designing intrinsically safe systems using certified barriers and simple or certified apparatus. With knowledge of i.s. system design, Engineers can build control and monitoring equipment in virtually any zone without needing to get the system re-certified. The only requirement for an i.s. system designer is ‘verified competence’ and this course delivers the knowledge and skills verification necessary for core competence in intrinsically safe system design.

Who should attend? This course is aimed at Engineers and Engineering Managers who are required to specify or design intrinsically safe systems using barrier, simple apparatus and certified intrinsically safe apparatus.

Become Certified to Design, Check and Sign DSD’s for Intrinsically Safe Systems to EN/IEC 60079 14 & 25

The Presenter: The intrinsic safety training  is presented by an experienced lecturer and practitioner in this field. ExVeritas are and UKCA/ATEX Notified Body and IECEx Certification Body and are vastly experienced in  ‘Ex’ and Intrinsic Safety System Design, Verification and  Certification.

Intrinsic Safety System Designer Training Syllabus

Day 1

  • Introduction and Overview of Competence Requirements for Intrinsic Safety Systems Designers
  • Deriving the required level of safety (area classification, EPL) for i.a, i.b. and i.c.
  • Explosion Properties and Terminology required for intrinsic safety
  • Review of Ignition Assessment (EN1127) and other concepts and methods commonly used with intrinsic safety (potting and enclosure methods)
  • Intrinsically Safe ‘Certification’ and optional Certification Schemes (ATEX, IECEx, NEC500 & 505, etc)
  • Exam (multiple choice)

Day 2

  • Intrinsic safety overview (how intrinsic safety works, video and presentation)
  • Intrinsically Safe ‘Systems’ Overview
  • Intrinsically Safe Systems cables, connections, earthing and junction boxes
  • Intrinsic safety simple apparatus assessment (temperature, stored energy, general requirements etc)
  • Reading Barrier and Cable Datasheets to extract the relevant parameters for system design
  • Exam (multiple Choice)

Day 3

  • Matching Barriers, cable and Apparatus including the ‘1%’ rule
  • Voltage drop and bespoke power levels (series and parallel barriers)
  • Documenting intrinsically safe systems (DSDs)
  • Worked examples
  • Exam (written with calculations, 2 hours)

Competence Certification

A  ‘Certificate of Competence in Intrinsically Safe System Design’ will be issued to all delegates that pass the examinations, a certificate of attendance will be issued to all delegates.
ExVeritas uses an electronic cloud-based e-learning system called ‘Learn Ex,’ once registered candidates can have immediate access to course notes which are updated electronically.  

2021 Course Dates and Cost

Please contact us for course dates.
Bespoke: This course can be delivered at your location (worldwide). Contact us for pricing.
Cost: UK: £1800+VAT; USA: $2,400 USD.

How to book

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