EX and IP Product Testing

Testing for Explosion and Electrical Safety

ExVeritas offer a full testing service in the UK and USA, our extensive accredited facilities cover explosion safety, electrical safety, ingress and NEMA projection and even EMC. Our UKAS and IECEx TL testing facilities include:

  • Computer controlled mass flow gas mixing for fast, accurate testing
  • Explosion testing (i.e. Ex d Reference Pressure)
  • Flame transmission
  • Spark Testing (Intrinsic Safety)
  • Overpressure to 300 Bar
  • Mechanical and PCB physical measurement
  • Component ignition testing
  • Battery testing
  • Ex e battery box testing
  • Four Humidity & thermal conditioning chambers
  • Thermal cycling
  • Impact Testing to 20J
  • Thermal shock Testing
  • Torque tests
  • Pull tests
  • Drop tests
  • Temperature measurement (contact, IR and thermal camera)
  • Purge testing (i.e. Ex p, TVR, EN60079-13)
  • High voltage electrical testing (to 20KV)
  • Capacitance and inductance  measurement (materials, components etc.)
  • Restricted Breathing testing (Ex nR)
  • Enclosed Break and Sealing tests (Ex nC)
  • Optical (Ex op pr)

For Ex d Testing (Explosion Proof) we also have a fully equipped machine shop with turning, milling and drilling to prepare samples (for example enlarge flame paths) as required.

Ingress Protection (IP) Test Certification


ExVeritas can offer UKAS Accredited ‘ingress protection’ Certication.

Ingress Protection forms part of the process of determining the level of protection provided by equipment enclosures. The test methods and definitions of the Ingress Protection (IP) Codes are covered under the EN 60529, EN60598 and EN60079-0 Standards.
The ingress protection offered by enclosures should consist of the following:

  • Protection of persons against access to hazardous parts.
  • Protection of equipment inside the enclosures to ingress of solid foreign objects.
  • Protection of equipment in the enclosures against harmful effects due to the ingress of water.

The dust chamber provides ingress testing to the dust-protected (IP5X) and dust-tight (IP6X) categories, by applying a turbulent talc test with reduced pressure to the equipment to simulate cooling down (where applicable).
One of the most commonly requested or required IP ratings is IP54. this is frequently required by both the Low Voltage Directive and ATEX Directive

Ingress Protection for North America (NEMA)


We can offer NEMA 4 testing, this test is normally required for any equipment that can be used outdoors. Additional tests may also apply (such as UV,  gaskets conditioning etc.) but it should be noted that the main NEMA 4 test is far more onerous than the IP equivalent and IP Ratings can not be used to gain NEMA equivalence.