Intrinsic Safety Evaluation

Free Intrinsic Safety AssessmentIntrinsic Safety

This application can give an indication of the maximum voltage, current, capacitance and inductance to use when designing a circuit to be intrinsically Safe for a selected gas sub-group (IIA, IIB or IIC). This tool will quickly give an indication of the maximum permissible current for a given voltage (or visa-versa), or the maximum safe levels of capacitance or inductance etc. If you are unsure on what the input or values are for, please consider our Intrinsic Safety course.

New Intrinsic Safety Tools

In addition to this free application, a new intrinsic safety analysis tool will be available soon that will allow full circuit analysis (mixed capacitance and induction, capacitance protected by resistance etc.), access to high current and low voltage spark test data, small component test data and battery test data.