ExVeritas Competence Verification

ExVeritas Competence Verification

Some more complex subjects such as area classification and risk assessment based tasks can be difficult to test under exam conditions due to the extremely wide range of activities and Engineering disciplines which may be involved.
To enable people to have a 3rd party verification of their competence in more complex disciplines, ExVeritas have developed a ‘peer review system’ based on their own internal competence matrix system required and verified for our UKAS Accreditation.

Essentially, we will review a mutually agreed project which you have undertaken (normally for your place of work). Based on the outcome of the review we can issue competence verification for the tasks you have undertaken.

This ‘scope’ can of course be supplement by further reviews to add additional disciplines if and when required.

The benefits of such a system are twofold, firstly, you get ‘real work’ checked by accredited and verified experts, and secondly we use this review to establish your competence by reviewing your approach and applied methodologies.
In under to undertake a competence assessment we simply need to agree a scope and the deliverables to be reviewed, we then simply quote for the time to conduct the review. You will receive feedback on your work and the appropriate competence verification (certification) based on the scope of work we have reviewed.


Assessment methods

ExVeritas will assess documents provided and interview candidates as necessary to gain support for the submitted documents.

  • Review of skills necessary for the scope
  • Review of projects undertaken
  • Knowledge Assessment


Example Area Classification Competence Verification

A competent person is someone who has the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to perform Area Classification to the appropriate level. The competence required can vary depending on the work or workplace involved, so competence is recorded against various industry sectors and delivery methods (referred to as a scope). Where possible, ExVeritas will follow guidance from the HSE regarding Competence Assessment and sector guidance.

To determine competence, a competence scope must first be established. This will be provided to ExVeritas in the form of a CV covering the following:

Skills: CFD Knowledge/software tools/ COP use or training or another related courses. Evidence (such as a qualification) shall be given for the requisite skills in maths, physics and/or chemical/process engineering. 

Experience: The CV will state the types of Area Classification Project undertaken, the material classified and the nature of the activity and sector. This should include the number of assessments and the amount of time spent on assessment. 

The assessment scope is normally defined around the demonstrable experience by sector and types of classification undertaken.

Knowledge: Relevant technical qualifications (courses, degree etc) covering the technical disciplines requested in this scope.



How to apply for Competence Verification

Inform ExVeritas of the scope of competence verification required and forward a basic CV to cover the factors covered by this guide. We will then determine how much time we will need to spend interviewing and reviewing information/projects to establish your competence. At this stage we can issue a quotation for the Competency Assessment.

If you would like a quote, simply discuss this with your trainer during any of our competence based courses, or contact us at any time.

Competence reviews can be conducted for on any project you have undertaken that are within our scope, you do not need to have attended an ExVeritas training course.